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Personalbild André Mateus

André Mateus

Focus on mapping protein function in human gut microbiome species using proteomics and systems biology.


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Anknuten som övrig/annan befattning till Molekylär Infektionsmedicin, Sverige (MIMS) Enhet: Gruppledare
6L, Institutionen för molekylärbiologi Institutionen för molekylärbiologi, 90187 Umeå
Anknuten som övrig/annan befattning till Kemiska institutionen
KBC-huset (KB), Linnaeus väg 10 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

By using systems biology approaches based on proteomics, such as thermal proteome profiling, we aim at understanding the function of proteins of the bacterial species that live in our gastrointestinal tract (our microbiome). The overall aim is to be able to manipulate the composition of our microbiome to promote healthy states.

For more info visit: https://mateuslab.com/