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The University Administration

The University Administration's offices have approximately 600 employees working to support the University's education, research and third-stream activities.

Property Management Office – Lokalförsörjningsenheten

Property Management Office deals with institution-wide infrastructure and architecture when it comes to university premises. The office is also home to the central coordinators for physical work environment, environment and safety.

Property Management Office

Communications Office – Kommunikationsenheten

The Communications Office is responsible for the coordination and planning of the University's external and internal communication. This for instance includes web development and content on umu.se and the University's intranet. Inhousebyrån is a part of the office providing film and photography services as well as text products for print and web such as covers for doctoral thesis, brochures or advertisements.

Communications Office

Financial Office – Ekonomienheten

The Financial Office develops and administers the financial administrative processes. The office also supplies, maintains and develops the University's financial system.

Financial Office

ICT Services and System Development (ITS) – Enheten för IT-stöd och systemutveckling - ITS

ITS offers services to education and research in software development, project management, customer support, server services and purchasing of IT equipment.


International Office – International Office

The International Office works institution-wide on issues regarding internationalisation and promotes quality and sustainability in the internationalisation efforts at Umeå University.

International Office

Research Support and Collaboration Office – Enheten för forskningsstöd och samverkan

The Research Support and Collaboration Office is Umeå University's central unit for research funding and collaboration.

Research Support and Collaboration Office

Office for Human Resources – Personalenheten

The Office for Human Resources is responsible for the coordination and development of the employer policies and securing the employer responsibility of the authority.

Office for Human Resources

Planning Office – Planeringsenheten

The Planning Office works with issues revolving the overall planning and follow up of the organisation as well as quality and assessment in first-cycle courses and study programmes and doctoral education.

Planning Office

Service Office – Universitetsservice

The Service Office is the University's service organisation. The office is responsible for the joint bookable premises and meeting rooms, cleaning services, postal services, the Umu access card, service and support for premises and examination services. On behalf of the University as a whole, the office also answers general questions from students, visitors and employees through Infocenter in Universum.

Service Office

Student Services – Studentcentrum

Student Services offers study guidance and study related support for students and includes the Student Health Service. The office also coordinates the support to students with disabilities.

Student Services

Vice-Chancellor's Office – Universitetsledningens kansli

The Vice-Chancellor's Office's primary function is to provide support and service to the University Management. The office is responsible for ensuring that the University in its role as a public authority safeguards and fulfils its rights and obligations and maintains the legal quality assurance in the long term. The office also takes responsibility for the University's public procurements.

Vice-Chancellor's Office

Latest update: 2023-03-15