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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)


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“The industry also needs academia”
Published: 12 Feb, 2021

CHECK brings together Umeå researchers and the largest Swedish industries in cement and quick lime production.

Support to house owners for sustainable energy renovation in detached-houses
Published: 04 Dec, 2020

A data driven strategy to offer building adjusted energy efficient measures during renovation.

New funds for ultra fast mid infrared photo thermal imaging
Published: 01 Dec, 2020

New funds for the development of mid-infrared photothermal imaging

Unique collaboration on IT and artificial intelligence
Published: 25 Jun, 2020

The initiative Digital Impact North is based on strong growth in AI, autonomous systems and software

Sustainable international experience
Published: 10 Jun, 2020

International experience increase in importance among engineers.

Implementation of an innovation model within medicine technology
Published: 01 Jun, 2020

A newly developed innovation model support product development within the area of medicine technology.

Facilitation of process control by interactive measures
Published: 27 Feb, 2020

Researchers want to facilitate process control by the use of interactive methods

Develops model for commercializing medical technology ideas
Published: 04 Apr, 2019

In May, Umeå researchers are launching an innovation model for product development in medical technology.

TFE represented at conference
Published: 16 Sep, 2019

During ECCE conference, a number of research articles were presented by Ulrik Söderström and Thomas Mejtoft.

Gaining new experience through a doctoral student exchange in South Korea
Published: 24 Jun, 2019

Helena, PhD at IDS, experiences life in South Korea through an exchange with Hanyang University.

Skytteanska samfundet prize to Nils Skoglund
Published: 18 Apr, 2019

Kungl. Skytteanska Samfundet has chosen to give Nils Skoglund the organisation’s prize of SEK 40,000.

Novel strategy to analyse biomarkers in exhaled breath
Published: 15 Oct, 2018

In his dissertation, Ramin Ghorbani presents a novel methodology for the analysis of real-time breath data.