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Department of Computing Science


Adam Dahlgren Lindström
Alexandre Bartel

Research in software engineering and computer security. Member of the Research Management Group Software at The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP).

Ali Rahmanian

I am a PhD student at the Industrial Doctoral School.

Ana Paiva
Anders Backman

Been active in the computer graphics/virtual reality area since 1998. Part time employed as a teacher at the department. Rest of the time I spend at Algoryx, a company I was part of starting 2007.

Andrea Aler Tubella

Research interests: logic, mathematical foundations of computer science, responsible AI development.
Working on concrete tools to explain, audit and develop intelligent systems responsibly.

Andreas Brännström

I am studying ways for artificial intelligent systems to understand human behavior in order to improve strategic decision-making in their interactions with humans.

Andreas Theodorou

My research is focused on Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Anindya Sundar Das

My research focuses on building robust, explainable machine learning (ML) models for anomaly detection to ensure trustworthiness and reliability of ML models depolyed in critical applications.

Anna Jonsson

I study how to use formal languages (e.g. programming languages) to model natural language. In particular, I am interested in graph grammars and tree automata.

Annakarin Resoluth
Anne-Lie Persson
Anton Degerfeldt
Arka Ghosh

A PhD student in the research group "AI for data management" at the Department of Computing Science. Working on applications of semantic technology over geospatial database.

Artur Lugmayr

Creative techn., entertainment computing, multimedia, human factors, and data visualization. Solving industrial and society problems through innovation, trans-disciplinarity and visionary use of tech.

Arvid Horned

 PhD student in the Responsible AI team, looking at AI and anxiety.

Aso Bozorgpanah

I am a WASP Ph.D. student and a member of "NAUSICA: PrivAcy-AWare traNSparent deCIsions" group. I am working on Explainable AI, data privacy, and machine learning.

Atakan Aral

Member of the Autonomous Distributed Systems Lab. Research in resource and reliability management for Edge Computing, Edge AI, and the Internet of Things.

Ayush Kumar Varshney

I am a PhD scholar in the department of Computing Sciences, Umeå University. I am a member of NAUSICA group which focuses on privacy preserving AI algorithms.

Bodil Formark
Bruno Kreyssig
Carina Gustafsson

Financial coordinator

WASP-HS – The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (wasp-hs.org)

Carl C Kjelgaard Mikkelsen

Please contact me only using my email address at the Department of Computing Science: spock@cs.umu.se

Cem Okulmus

Research on database theory, ontology-based data access and temporal data. WASP Postdoc at the DAISY cluster.

Cezara Pastrav
Chanh Le Tan Nguyen
Charles Meyers
Christian Kammler

I am a PhD researcher in the Socially aware AI group. We are an interdisciplinary research group working on the social aspects of AI. I focus on social simulations.

Cristian Klein
Daniela Goretti
Daniella Holmgren
Diego Calvanese

Wallenberg Guest Professor and world leading expert in Artificial Intelligence for Data Management. EurAI Fellow 2015, ACM Fellow 2019. Received AAAI Classic Paper Award 2021.

Disi Lin
Divya Baura
Eddie Wadbro
Ellinor Hansson

Study administrator at the Department of Computing Science

Emil Häglund
Ennie Boberg
Eren Yildiz

I'm working on a socially aware chatbot AI which is able to interact with people naturally like humans do

Erik Elmroth

Research in autonomous distributed systems, cloud and edge computing. Member of the Executive Committee of The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) and the eSSENCE lead group

Eunil Seo

My specific interests are related to data, services, and human beings' connectivity using ML and cloud technologies.

Faiza Tahir
Francisco López Sánchez

My research interests encompass linear algebra, algorithm parallelisation, signal processing and proper hardware exploitation, whilst providing high-level software functionalities.


Frank Dignum

I'm a Professor, leading a research group in the field of socially conscious AI. We develop models that can provide insights into how society can respond to political changes or natural disasters.

Frank Drewes

My research interests are formal and natural languages and their analysis, in particular in combination with other modalities such as images and video for multimodal media analysis.

Fredrik Georgsson

Quality developer. Member of the Board of Directors for SEFI (Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs).

Gabriel Morberg
Gustav Grund Pihlgren

Post doctoral researcher in the field of Explainable AI with focus on computer vision.

Hanna Nordin

Communications Officer at the research program The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS)

Hannah Devinney

Gender and Natural Language Processing. I work on methods for reducing algorithmic harms caused by biased language data. My pronouns are they/them in English.

Heini Laitinen
Helena Lindgren

Researches and educates in the field where systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) need to collaborate with humans. Research spans basic research in AI to applications improving health.

Helena Smith
Henrik Bjelkstål
Henrik Björklund

I work on methods for detecting and mitigating bias in language processing systems, such as, e.g., ChatGPT, and also with foundational research on formal languages.

Igor Ryazanov
Jan Erik Moström

Teacher, Director of Studies, some research about Computer Science Education, more info at people.cs.umu.se/jem

Javad Forough
Jennifer Stenlund
Jingwen Cai
Johan Eliasson

Teaches basic programming, datastructures and algorithms, object orientation, and mobile app development. SACO work place reprecentative

Johan Tordsson

Researching distributed systems and autonomics. Previous topics include grids, clouds, data centers, and virtualization technology. Current focus are microservices and cloud native.

Johanna Björklund

I work with basic research in formal language theory and machine learning as well as applied research in semantic parsing of multimodal data.

Jonas Gustavsson
Juan Carlos Nieves Sanchez

Associate professor (Docent) in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Deputy Programme Director of the MSc programme in AI. Member of the council for Doctoral Education in Computer Science.

Julian Alfredo Mendez

I am a PhD candidate in the Responsible Artificial Intelligence group at the Department of Computing Science. I have experience in Knowledge Representation and Description Logics.

Kaan Kilic

Ph.D. student in the Interactive and Intelligent Systems research group. Working on employing socially intelligent systems for managing stress and improving emotional wellbeing.

Kai-Florian Richter

research on cognitive aspects of HCI, teaching in Cognitive Science; head of Spatial Cognitive Engineering group; assistant head of department & director of studies for PhD education

Kalle Vigren
Karlo Palenzuela
Kary Främling

Professor in data science, with emphasis in data analysis and machine learning. Head of explainable AI (XAI) team.
WASP Professor (Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program)

Khanh-Tung Tran
Lars Karlsson

I am a deputy head of department with responsibility for education and teacher recruitment. I teach on all levels and conduct research on parallel algorithms.

Leila Methnani
Lena Palmquist

I mainly work as a student counselor for the Master of Science in Engineering program: specialisation in Interaction Technology and Design. I am also responsible for book purchases at the department.

Lena Strobl
Lenita Lindblom
Lennart Edblom

EU advisor, supports researchers with H2020 and HE applications. Project manager. 

Lennart Steinvall

New as Study Coordinator for the Bachelor Program in Computer Science and the Masters in CS and AI as well as free courses. Also involved as Teaching with some lectures, tutoring and assignments.

Lidia Kidane
Lili Jiang

Research group of Deep Data Mining.  Working on text understanding, machine learning based privacy preservation, information retrieval, AI trustworthiness.   https://people.cs.umu.se/ljiang/

Lina Persson

Administrator for WASP-HS – The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society

Loïs Vanhée

Researcher & teacher. TAIGA co-director

Primary focus: Anxiety-Sensitive Artificial Intelligence

General interests: simulation, responsible AI, pedagogy and transdisciplinarity

Maarten Jensen

I am a PhD researcher at the department of computer science and in the group "Socially aware AI". This goup is an interdisciplinary group working on the social aspects of AI, e.g. social simulations.

Madeleine Blusi

Research about artificiell intelligens  in healthcare, focus on personalisation, participation and methods for co-creation.

Mariam Taha

I’m a PhD student in NAUSICA  group. I am studying the interaction between models spaces and databases spaces and its impact on model selection  and privacy  preserving  in data mining and  ML .

Marie Nordström
Marie Nyberg
Martin Berggren

Scientific Computing, particularily Computational Design Optimization, combining computer simulation and numerical optimization. Typical applications: antennas, microwave devices, loudspeakers.

Martin Berglund

Researcher in the areas of fundamental algorithms, automata theory, and the theory of machine learning. Teaches courses in this area.

Mattias Brännström
Mattias Åsander

Systems administrator, Linux/Windows systems

Michael Minock

Research Interests: Natural Language Interfaces, Knowledge Representation and Databases.
Teaching Interests: Databases, AI, Logic, Python, Algorithms, Thesis Supervision.

Mickaël Zehren

Ph.D. student working on the development of a Fully Automated Mixing System, with a Focus on Electronic Dance Music.

Mikael Lindbäck
Minal Patil
Monowar Bhuyan

Assistant Professor (biträdande universitetslektor), WASP, one of the research group leaders in Autonomous Distributed Systems Lab, https://cloudresearch.org/.

Nayereh Rasouli
Niclas Börlin
Nina Khairova

I am a professor in Computational Linguistics. The research interests cover computational linguistics, NLP, semantic web, sentiment analysis, Machine Learning for text mining and AI

Noradin Hagi Shire
Obaidullah Zaland
Ola Ringdahl

Research focuses on agricultural and forestry robotics: novel AI algorithms, machine learning algorithms, and software architectures.

Director of the MSc programme in AI. Teaching a number of courses.

Oliver Larsson
Oscar Kamf
Oscar Lindquist
Pan Lu
Paolo Bientinesi

Professor in High-Performance Computing. Interests: automatic generation of algorithms and code, numerical linear algebra, tensor operations, performance prediction, computer music.

Patrik Eklund

I am professor in computer science with a background in mathematics (algebra, logic, topology).

Paul Townend

Scientific Coordinator: COGNIT. Scientific advisor: WARA-Ops. Member: WASP GSM. Leader: Green Distributed Systems. Interests: Energy Efficiency, Cloud & Edge, Data Centres, Dependability.

Per-Olov Östberg

I'm one of the research leaders in the Autonomous Distributed Systems Lab, ADSLab, a research environment focused on resource management for distributed cloud environments.

Petter Ericson

Postdoc in the research group for Responsible AI, working on graph problems and formal descriptions of structured data, with a strong interest in ethics, music and society.

Pim Kerkhoven
René Mellema

Within the Socially Aware AI group I work on normative reasoning for social simulation, using formal methods. I'm also interested in formal representations of social behaviour more broadly.

Robin Norrman
Rohail Gulbaz
Roman Iakymchuk

I conduct research on numerically reliable and sustainable algorithmic solutions and their application. I teach scientific computing, parallel programming, and optimization

Sabine Houy
Saloni Kwatra

I am a WASP-AI Doctoral student and a member of the research group NAUSICA: PrivAcy-AWare traNSparent deCIsions group. Mainly, I focus on Privacy-aware Federated Machine Learning.

Sargam Gupta
Simon Bonér
Simon Ullerstam
Sonakshi Garg
Sourasekhar Banerjee

WASP-AI/MLX Ph.D. student. The domain of research is Distributed Machine Learning. I mainly deal with Machine Learning problems in Federated settings.

Stefan Johansson

Reserach fellow at the Department of Computing Science and Curiosum science center.
Programme director of the MSc programme in Computing Science and Engineering.

Sudipta Paul

I am a Wasp-AI PhD student. A part of the Nausica research group. My broad research topic is "Decentralized privacy across federated learning environment". 

Suna Bensch

I am an Associate Professor and develop computational methods for processing verbal and non-verbal communication and apply these in Social Robotics and Natural Language Processing.

Tatyana Sarayeva

Coordinator of the WASP-HS program and Responsible AI research group.

Thomas Hellström

I do research on robotics and artificial intelligence, AI.

Timotheus Kampik

I research and teach intelligent reasoning and decision-making.

Tomas Forsman

Systems engineer, server operations, Linux

Tommy Löfstedt

Docent and associate professor in computing science. Doing research in machine learning and computer vision, often with applications in medical image analysis or the life sciences.

Tor Viktorsson
Veronica Pålsson
Vicenc Torra

I am working on artificial intelligence. Main research topics include data privacy, approximate reasoning, decision making.

Victoria Skeidsvoll

I work on several communication assignments at my department and at TAIGA, Centre for Transdisciplinary AI. Please contact me also, if you have any questions about AI and WASP at Umeå University.

Virginia Dignum

I am a professor in Responsible Artificial Intelligence and the scientific Director of WASP-HS (Humanities and Society). 


Willeke Martens
Xuan-Son Vu

Research interests: trustworthy ML/DL, graph learning in NLP/multimodal data. Co-authored different neural models - e.g., ppRNN (faster version of RNN), MGTN (modular), SGTN (privacy-preseving).

Yoshihisa Kashima
Zahoor Ul Islam

PhD Student at the Department of computing science. Interests: Responsible artificial intelligence, software engineering models, methods and tools for ethical artificial intelligent systems.

Zahra Kharaghani

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Computing Science, working on incremental federated machine learning.

Zoe Falomir

WASP Associate Professor at the Computing Science Department