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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 27 November 2020)


Department of Applied Educational Science


Anders Bek, associate professor

Ph. D. in Science of Education, at the Department of applied educational science (TUV). "Excellent teacher" at Umeå university.

Anders Råde, associate professor
Anders D. Olofsson, professor

Olofsson is currently holding a position as professor at the Department of Applied Educational Sciences, Umeå University, and a position as a guest professor at the Mid Sweden University.

Andreas Funk, IT systems administrator
Andreas Olsson, lecturer, doctoral student
Anna Lindqvist, associate professor
Anna Olausson, associate professor
Anna Ottensten, project administrator
Anna Pallin, doctoral student
Anneli Nielsen, associate professor
Annika Manni, associate professor
Berith Östlund, associate professor
Camilla Hällgren, associate professor

I work as Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Educational Science.

Carina Hjelmer, associate professor

Associate professor in educational work, and ’excellent teacher’ at Umeå University. Research orientation: democracy, gender, class and ethnicity in preschool and school.

Charlotta Jarl, project administrator
Elza Dunkels, associate professor
Erika Ögren, adjunct lecturer
Gunnar Schedin, associate professor
Gunnar Wästle, test developer

Test developer at Department of Applied Educational Science
Floor 5

Hanna Eklöf, associate professor
Helen Stiegler, project administrator
Jonna Linde, doctoral student
Karin Sporre, professor

Professor in Educational Work with a focus on values, gender and diversity.

Kenneth Ekström, associate professor

I work as a researcher and web editor at the Department of Applied Education. The main research area is the preschool's educational activities

Lars O. Häll, associate professor
Lena Konradsson, project administrator
Linda Rönnberg, professor

Dr. Linda Rönnberg is a Professor in Educational Work, at the Department of Applied Educational Science and affiliated to the University of Turku as a Senior Research Fellow.

Lisbeth Lundahl, professor

Professor in educational work, visiting professor at Turku University. Research on education politics, young people´s trajectories and choices in policy, institutional and individual perspectives.

Luis Cobian, system developer


Malin Benerdal, senior research assistant
Maria Ericsson, human resources coordinator
Maria Rönnlund, associate professor

Associate professor in Educational Work working within the field of sociology of education in areas such as democracy, citizenship, gender and identity. I am also working in spatial perspectives on education.

Mattias Höglund, financial coordinator
Michael Lindblad, associate professor

Currently leading a project about young Sami people and their transition using life stories. Being Sami myself I´m stepping into the field of indigenous research with great interest.

Michael Nordvall, test developer

Test developer at the Deptartment of Applied Educational Science (TUV). Wikipedian.

Nafsika Alexiadou, professor

I am a professor in Educational Work at Umeå University with a research orientation in education policy and comparative studies.

Per-Erik Lyrén, associate professor
Peter Vinnervik, lecturer (absent)

My thesis project explores programming in the Swedish curriculum for compulsory school and in the technology subject in particular.

I am part of the UmSER research group, and also affiliated with UFM.

Pia Almarlind, test developer (absent)
Ron Mahieu, associate professor

As associate professor, I work within various teacher education programs and the SYV-program. My research interests are, among other things, policy and the link between education and working life.

Sara Stillesjö, postdoctoral fellow (absent)
Sofia Hansson, project administrator
Sofie Areljung, associate professor

Senior lecturer in Educational work. My research interest lies in the interface of science, arts and early childhood education. 

Åsa Burman Björk, associate professor