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Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)


Anja Neidhardt-Mokoena

Doctoral student at the UID and the Centre for Gender Studies.

Anna Sandsten
Diana Vallsten
Disa Helander

PhD in gender studies. My research interests include borders, migration control, nation, body and family, as well as postcolonial, queer and feminist theory.


Hanna Söderlund

Researcher in applied lingustics with focus on power relations and gender in conversations about humour and sports.

Jacob Isaksson
Jennie Brandén

PhD in Political Science. My research focuses on the governing of social and political problems such as safety, gender equality and gendered violence, from feminist & (post)colonial perspectives. 

Jenny Holmberg
Johanna Jers

My research focuses on gender diversity within companies and markets. 

Johanna Lauri
Johanna Nilsson
Johanna Overud
Josefin Olsson
Kean Tang
Kelsey Marleen Mol
Linda Berg

PhD Ethnology. Docent/Associate professor of gender studies. 

Liselotte Eriksson

Associate professor in Economic History. Research interests: public and private insurance, historical morbidity patterns and historical alcohol regulations.

Louise Grip
Martina Terrazzano

I am a PhD candidate in linguistics and gender studies. My project focuses on HIV/AIDS representation in Swedish mainstream and queer magazines. 

Mats Reinhold

I am a doctoral student at the Dep. of Psychology, and I am affiliated with the Gender Research School at the Umeå Center for Gender Studies. My research is about destructive leadership and gender.

Mei Jiang
Moa Lillqvist
Quynh Le
Sara Edenheim

Associate professor in History and Senior lecturer at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies.

Sofia Rapo

Teaching mainly undergrads of the Food and Nutrition program, and a PhD student since fall 2017.

Ph.D. in Engineering Education with a focus on gender, diversity, and the influence of AI in shaping the future of the field.

Sophia Erhard

I am a doctoral student working at the intersection of human geography and gender studies. My research project focuses on informal elder care workers in Sweden.

Ulrika Widding

I am Associate Professor. My research interests are norms and ideals associated to parenthood, family life and parenting support. Analytical tools are mainly from critical discursive psychology

Veronika Lodwika
Victoria Lindgren

I mainly do research and teaching within the field of tax law. In my doctoral project I study the legal and historical construction of the tax payer in, by and through Swedish income tax legislation.

Professor of History. Research interests: Women and Gender History from legal, political and social perspectives, Early Modern and Modern History.