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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 26 February 2021)


Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)


Anja Neidhardt
Ann Öhman
Anne Gotfredsen

Doctoral student at the Department for Epidemiology and Global Health. My research concerns young people's mental health and participation in civil society. 

Britt-Inger Keisu

I am associate professor in Sociology and works as head the department at Umeå Centre for Gender studies. My research interests involves gender- organization and leadership theory.

Camilla Carbin
Christine Godeau
Disa Helander

I am a PhD student in gender studies at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS). My PhD project focuses on body, family, migration control and feminist theory.

Emil Marklund

I'm a PhD candidate in History and Education and a part of the Gender School for Gender Studies (UCGS).

Frida Skog
Hannah Devinney

Gender and Natural Language Processing. I work on methods for reducing algorithmic harms caused by biased language data. My pronouns are they/them and she/her in English.

Hannele Junkala

Ph D student at NMD, Department of Science and Mathematics Education, and UCGS, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies. Project about critical perspectives on sex- and relationship education. 

Ida Linander

Ida is a postdoctoral researcher and works at both Epidemiology and Global Health and at the Umeå Center for Gender Studies.

Jacob Isaksson
Jennie Brandén
Jenny Holmberg
Jenny Sperens

I am a PhD student in English. My field of research is Brittish literature, with an interest in representations of gender and specifically representations of masculinity and boyhood.

Johanna Jers

My research focuses on gender diversity within companies and markets. 

Johanna Lauri
Johanna Overud
Josefin Olsson
Linda Berg

PhD Ethnology. Docent/Associate professor of gender studies. 

Linda Sandberg
Louise Grip
Magda Cardenas
Maria Carbin
Marie Olsson

HR-support at Department of Political Science, Centre for Principal Development and Umeå Centre for genusstudies.

Mats Reinhold

I am a doctoral student at the Dep. of Psychology, and I am affiliated with the Gender Research School at the Umeå Center for Gender Studies. My research is about destructive leadership and gender.

Mikael Goossen

I research sociopolitical attitudes about the Swedish welfare state (including comparative research). Other interests include gender, white-collar crime and values and personality. 

Moa Lillqvist
Pär Poromaa Isling
Sara Edenheim

Associate professor in History and Senior lecturer at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies.

Sofia Eriksson
Sofia Rapo

Teaching mainly undergrads of the Food and Nutrition program, and a PhD student since fall 2017.

Ulrika Widding

I am Associate Professor. My research interests are norms and ideals associated to parenthood, family life and parenting support. Analytical tools are mainly from critical discursive psychology

Veronika Lodwika
Victoria Lindgren

Doctoral student in law, main focus tax law/gender. Researches the tax payer and the Swedish fringe benefit taxation system. Teaches tax law.