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Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)


Britt-Inger Keisu, associate professor

I am associate professor in Sociology and works as head the department at Umeå Centre for Gender studies. My research interests involves gender- organization and leadership theory.

Disa Helander, doctoral student

I am a PhD student in gender studies at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS). My PhD project focuses on body, family, migration control and feminist theory.

Elin Andersson, administrator

I work as a Communication Officer at the faculty of Social Science, Deans Office.

Elin Jonsson, doctoral student
Frida Olsson Skog, postdoctoral position
Greta Bladh, doctoral student
Hanna Bäckström, doctoral student

PhD-candidate in gender studies, Umeå centre for gender studies.

Ida Linander, research fellow

Ida is a postdoctoral researcher and works at both Epidemiology and Global Health and at the Umeå Center for Gender Studies.

Johanna Overud, associate professor
Josefin Olsson, other position, project assistant
Lan Kieu, doctoral student
Linda Berg, associate professor

PhD Ethnology. Docent/Associate professor of gender studies. Coordinator Graduate School. Research on subjectivity, help/aid, civil society. Contact for the Postcolonial Seminar. 

Linda Sandberg, associate professor
Louise Grip, doctoral student

I am a PhD student in Gender Studies at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS). My PhD project focuses on work time changes in the public sector.

Malin Rönnblom, associate professor

My research focuses on new forms of governing in a post-political era, critical policy analysis, especially gender equality and regional growth policies, as well as and rural and urban studies.

Maria Carbin, associate professor
Marie Olsson, administrator

HR-support at Department of Political Science, Centre for Principal Development and Umeå Centre for genusstudies.

Sam Holmqvist, postdoctoral position

PhD in Comparative Literature (Uppsala University 2017); currently post doctor of Comparative Literature and Gender Studies.

Sara Edenheim, associate professor

Associate professor in History and Senior lecturer at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies.

Ulrika Widding, associate professor

I am Associate Professor. My research interests are norms and ideals associated to parenthood, family life and parenting support. Analytical tools are mainly from critical discursive psychology

Veronika Lodwika, education coordinator
Åsa Yttergren, associate professor