Eric Seppas

To be in the installation is to stand in the middle of a chiasm, at a chiasmic cross-road.

Surrounded by materials, that are made from iron oxide, we can see how the thermodynamics react to applications of heat and fire. The colours have changed from yellow to red, and within the sculpture, the source of heat, generated from welding, allows rust to accumulate, as the sculpture reacts to its surrounding. A subtle but explosive centre-point that illustrates layers of transformation.

The white canvas is made by having a bed sheet drained in water, and used as a fire blanket to extinguish the fire from the three paintings hanging in the space. The sheet was then stretched on a spännram and framed. The floor acts as an obsidian mirror, encompassing the viewer within these different chemical structures and worlds in realtime. It is how time and surroundings interact between the entities that make life. Rust is a metaphor for a passenger in life.

'When I found ochre, the light and warmth iron oxides generates, the vivid vibrant relations it holds for me, and its sensitivity to its surrounding. This activates a stream of consciousness. The materials speak again.'

A correspondence. The space is opened, the space of a book - ochre/rust - leading from one to the other, a story of unstable, reactive shadows and time suspended. An inquiry moves in real time, a dramaturgy underpinning the essence of images. Opening the perception of the world. On the optical level there is something of a sending, on the chemical level there is something of a deposit.

Note: Polymorphism is the property of a solid material in more than one form or crystal structure.

Utställda verk, examensutställning

Obsidian Chiasm, 2021: Steel sculpture. Paintings: Oil and fire on canvas. Floor: Alkyd, lacquer paint, iron oxide and boat varnish


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