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Silvia Remeseiro


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Biträdande universitetslektor vid Umeå centrum för molekylär medicin (UCMM)
Biologihuset, vån 4, Johan Bures Väg 12, B-415 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå


I obtained my PhD in 2012 at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO, Madrid – Spain), leading cancer research center in Europe according to Nature index. There I focused on the study of cohesin-SA1 roles in telomere replication and transcriptional regulation in the context of cancer and development, during which time I also performed a stay at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM) in New York (US). In May 2013, I was awarded a Marie Curie/EIPOD postdoctoral fellowship and joined the prestigious EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) in Heidelberg (Germany). My postdoc research aimed to define the crosstalk between the 3D topological architecture and the regulatory organization of the genome. I studied how introducing structural perturbations in the genome affects the communication between gene promoters and distant enhancers, thus altering the transcriptional output and having an impact in cancer and development. At the end of my postdoc, I followed the lab when they moved to Institute Pasteur (Paris, France) to finalize my postdoctoral projects before moving to Umeå. I was recently awarded a Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow position and I am currently a group leader at UCMM. My research focuses on studying the interplay between long-range gene regulation and the 3D chromatin organization of the Glioblastoma genome.

Ask me about: Chromatin, Gene Regulation, Promoter-Enhancer communication, HiC/4C-seq, cancer mouse models, mouse genetics

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Silvia Remeseiro