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We wish you a warm welcome to this online course. Course period: 22 September - 1 December. The course has a slower study pace that fulltime courses. On this page you will find important and useful information, so please read it carefully. Please note that this course is in English. If you have any questions, please use the contact form below. We hope that you will enjoy your period of studies with us at the department of Education and Umeå University!

Så här börjar du

  • 1. Tacka ja eller nej

    Om du har blivit antagen till en utbildning eller fått en reservplats behöver du tacka ja för att behålla din plats. Vill du inte ha din plats, kan du låta en reserv få den genom att lämna återbud. Tacka ja eller nej gör du på Mina sidor på Antagning.se senast den 22 juli 2022.

    Behöver du ansöka om stöd för funktionsnedsättning?

    Om du behöver stöd för funktionsnedsättning måste du ansöka om det i god tid innan utbildningen börjar. Läs mer om vilket stöd du kan få och hur du ansöker på vår studentwebb.

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  • 2. Registrera dig på kursen

    Registration for this course is only possible electronically through the Student Web.

    Registration must be made within the period 22 September and 30 September 2022.

    Please note that no late registrations are accepted. If do not register in time you will loose your seat. All vacant seat will be offered students on the waiting list. It is very important that you register in time. If you encounter issues with the activation of your Umu-Id, or if you are admitted with conditions, you need to contact us, in good time before the registration end date. A manual on how to register is found here: https://www.umu.se/en/student/my-studies/how-to-use-the-student-web/

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  • 3. Börja kursen

    Thursday 29 September 2022

    Tid: Online

    Plats: Online

    Schedules are available four weeks (4) before the course starts.

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Om kursen

  • About the course

    You will conduct studies both by yourself and as part of a group. You, with assistance of the course coordinator, literature, lectures and seminars will complete your assignments. Much within the course is created around the participants' activities where all students' previous experiences and questions are equally important.

    Communication between students and teachers will take place through the online learning platform. All our courses have an online course platform and it provides you with course information, additional literature and support in terms of resources, such as pre-recorded online lectures and discussion boards etc.

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  • Further information

    Online course platform
    The course platform is Canvas


    Please use the contact form last on this page. Important! Replies from staff during the summer may be delayed. Turn to Infocenter with your questions during the period 22 june - 8 August 2022.

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