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Agnes Bergbom
Alex Örtegren

Doctoral student at the Department of Applied Educational Science. In my research I explore teacher education, digital technologies, and citizenship.

Anders Bek

Ph. D. in Science of Education, at the Department of applied educational science (TUV). "Excellent teacher" at Umeå university.

Anders Råde
Andreas Funk
Anna Lindqvist
Anna Olausson
Anna Ottensten
Anna Pallin
Anneli Nielsen
Annica Brännlund
Annika Manni
Camilla Hällgren

I work as Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Educational Science.

Carina Granberg
Carina Hjelmer

Associate professor in educational work, and ’excellent teacher’ at Umeå University. Research orientation: democracy, gender, class and ethnicity in preschool and school.

Charlotta Jarl
Christina Wikström
Daniel Berglin
Ebba Gullberg
Emil Marklund

Associate professor in educational work. PhD in History and Education. 

Erik Lundgren
Gunnar Wästle

Test developer at Department of Applied Educational Science
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Hanna Eklöf
Hanna Vretblom
Helen Stiegler
Homam Al Rabi
Joakim Lindgren
Jonatan Finell
Jonathan Wedman
Jonna Linde
Karin Sporre

Professor in Educational Work with a focus on values, gender and diversity.

Lars O. Häll
Lena Konradsson
Linda Rönnberg

Dr. Linda Rönnberg is a Professor in Educational Work, at the Department of Applied Educational Science and affiliated to the University of Turku as a Senior Research Fellow.

Lisbeth Lundahl

Professor in educational work, visiting professor at University of Gothenburg 2022-23. Research on education politics, young people´s trajectories in policy, institutional and individual perspectives.

Luis Cobian


Mahtab Eshaghbeigi-Hosseini

Mahtab Eshaghbeigi-Hosseinis study examines in what ways and with what effects for educationial choice bodily and emotional experiences are produced in the school's workplace experience placements.

Margaretha Jonsson
Maria Ericsson
Maria Norqvist
Maria Papakosma

I am a doctoral student at the Department of Applied Educational Science. The focus of my research is interculturality and diversity in early childhood education.

Maria Rönnlund

Professor in Educational Work. Leader of the research group RECEUM (Research in Early Childhood Education, Umeå University).  


Marie Wenger
Michael Nordvall

Test developer at the Deptartment of Applied Educational Science (TUV). Wikipedian.

Nafsika Alexiadou

I am a professor in Educational Work at Umeå University with a research orientation in education policy and comparative studies.

Peder Öberg
Per-Erik Lyrén
Per-Åke Rosvall
Pia Almarlind
Ragnar Haake
Ron Mahieu

As associate professor, I work within various teacher education programs and the SYV-program. My research interests are, among other things, policy and the link between education and working life.

Sara Carlbaum
Sara Stillesjö

My main research area is the neurocognitive mechanisms of active learning strategies. I am also involved in a project regarding human judgment processes.

Serjon Qorri
Sofia Hansson
Sofie Areljung

Docent in Educational work. My research interest lies in the interface of science, arts and early childhood education. 

Teodora Neagu
Tony Qwillbard
Åsa Burman Björk