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Department of Nursing


Agneta Westergren
Alexander Rivière
Amelie Frisk Wadell
Anders Sköldunger
Andreas Glantz
Anette Nyberg
Anita Nilsson

I have been working for 25 years in nursing, especially in the heart care unit.

Ann Jacobsson
Anna Sandsten
Anna Sjöström
Anna-Clara Rullander
Anna-Lena Stenlund
Anne Möller Thysell
Annica Backman
Annika Bay

My name is Annika Bay and I am associated professor, combined with clinical employment at Department of Nursing, Umea University. 

Anton Glans

PhD student in Radiography at the Department of Nursing and registered radiology nurse/radiographer. My research focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safety aspects.

Birgitta Nilsson
Birgitta Olofsson

I am a professor of nursing with a combined employment.

Britt-Marie Lindgren

I am a senior lecturer and associate professor in nursing at the department of nursing. I am also a psychiatric and mental health nurse.

Camilla Hedlund
Carola Eriksson

Cathleen is a licensed radiographer with specialization in Computed Tomography who now works at Umeå Universitet as an instructor with the radiography training program.

Cuki Degerman
Ebba Hemgren Sigås
Eleonor Johansson
Elin Kemi
Elisabeth Bruce
Erika Boman
Eva Boström
Fanni Nylén
Fanny Hillebjörk
Fredrik Schulz

Registered Nurse (R.N) specialised in anaesthesia care (CRNA).

Hanna Athley
Hanna Fransson
Hanna Morian
Helen Forsgren
Helena Antonsson
Hillevi Öberg
Håkan Bäckman
Ida Ylipää
Ingegerd Hildingsson
Ingrid Olsson
Jeanette Beckman Rehnman
Jenny Molin
Johan Åhlin
Johan Öquist
Jonas Alex
Karin Bölenius
Karin Hellström Ängerud
Karin Jonsson

I work as a PhD, Department of Nursing combined with clinical employment at the Intensive care unit, Region Västerbotten.

Katharina Tjernström

I am a PhD-student (80 %) in sexual and reproductive health and a lecturer (20 %) at the Department of Nursing, Umeå university. 

Kristina Hellman
Kristina Lämås
Lena Holmlund
Lena Jutterström
Lenita Lindgren

My research project focuses on neurobiology and pain assessment. Additionally, I am involved in a project that centers around an AI/ML-based patient flow system.

Lina Gyllencreutz
Linda Olovsson
Liza Privosnik
Louise Cronberg
Lovisa Kangas
Madeleine Blusi

Research about artificiell intelligens  in healthcare, focus on personalisation, participation and methods for co-creation.

Malin Skagerlind
Margareta Persson

I am Docent in Reproductive and Perinatal Health, and work as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Nursing, Umeå University.

Maria Härgestam
Maria Jansson
Maria Lindqvist

I am an associate professor in Sexual and Reproductive Health, with an associated position as a Development Manager/Midwife at the Centre of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Region Västerbotten.  

Maria Persson
Maria Thelander
Marita Sehlstedt
Mia Höglund
Monica Christianson

I am working as senior lecturer and is teaching at advanced level, foremost at the Midwifery Program, active researcher and work as a midwife at the youth clinic in Umeå. 

Monika Krenchel
Oskar Ahlstrand
Per Fransson

I am a professor in Oncology Nursing with a combined position at Cancercentrum, NUS.

Petter Fjällström

I am a PhD candidate and explore how the adoption of CPP influence the primary care organization and access to cancer care. I am also a licensed specialist nurse in dementia care.

Pia Hedberg
Pär Suneson
Rebecca Baxter
Rickard Wigren
Sabine Björk
Sara Berglund
Sara Olsson
Senada Hajdarevic
Sofia Andersson
Sonja Marklund
Sonja Nordin
Sophia Holmlund

Postdoctor within Sexual and Reproductive Health, Department of Nursing, and at Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

Stina Kallerhult-Hermansson

Registered nurse since 2004, mainly worked in surgical care. Currently on leave from my university lecturer position to pursue a PhD, researching mentoring and professional development for RNs.

Susanne Ragnarsson
Ulf Isaksson

Professor in health science with a focus of nursing, Qualified teacher

Ulrika Fallbjörk
Ulrika Sidenmark
Veronica Lindström
Victoria Jonsson
Ylva Holstad

Experienced midwife  

Doctoral student since March 2022

PhD-project: Pregnancy and parenthood in women and men with congenital heart disease

Åsa Audulv

I’m a nurse, teacher and researcher. My research area is self-management among people with long-term conditions, development of self-management measures and support tools.  

Åsa Nordström
Åsa Sundberg