FUNDAMENTALS Spatial Explorations, UMA1 22/23

FUNDAMENTALS is defined as a laboratory to experiment with the core knowledge of architecture, where design, process and making are integrated into the education. The studio works as a learning platform and as a pedagogical methodology based on artistic and conceptual explorations, where thinking with the hand translates into learning by making. The studio practice focuses on the exploration of space, form and material starting from within, from the relation to the human body, its movement, perception, and experience, in order to produce spatial forms and artifacts that expand into the landscape, articulating constantly body, space and place.

Thinking through the body beyond its measuring attributes means activating the senses, going beyond the visual towards a total perception, becoming aware of the weight of the body in relation to its surroundings, as well as its form, structure, and movement.

The methodology is based on continuous, iterative, and hands-on experiments, combining instrumental, technical, and methodological tools, in order to think, make, explore, conceptualize and design. The process navigates from concepts to objects, from traces to spaces, from ideas to materials, revealing the complexity embedded in the architectural discipline. 

Studio teachers: Carla Collevecchio (studio coordinator), Robin Durand, Sara Zetterlund, Maxine Lundström 
UMA external teachers: Maria Luna Nobile, Alejandro Haiek 
Invited Guests: Sari Åkerdal (Midgårskolan) Sonia Vazquez-Diaz (University of A Coruña), Barbora Feret (Czech Technical University), Samuel Pettersson (photography), Gustav Skoog (graphic design) 


Latest update: 2023-08-21