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Energy Technology

At the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics applied research in energy technology is conducted with two basic orientations, energy efficiency focused on buildings and thermochemical energy conversion.

The Development of a long-term secure energy is one of the global society's biggest challenges. The energy issue is closely linked to economic development, living standards and living conditions. The challenges for research in energy technologies consist in particular the development of new knowledge about the supply, conversion, distribution and usage of energy. In all these areas there are major opportunities to improve existing technologies and finding new solutions.

The Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University has a well-established energy technology research. Its aim is to develop new knowledge which fit for in the development and introducing new technologies in the areas of energy efficiency with a focus on buildings and thermo-chemical energy conversion. Within energy, research operations centered in end-use efficiency in buildings. We examine both the energy transfer in terms of structural components and energy used for buildings, and partly the link between energy consumption and behavior and thermal indoor climate. Within the thermochemical conversion, we work to contribute to an increased fundamental knowledge on critical thermochemical conversion systems for optimizing processes and plants, participate in the development of innovative ideas, develop new process concepts and other aspects necessary for a successful transition to a sustainable energy system based on renewable commodities.


Our groups

Applied Laser Spectroscopy
Development of laser-based spectroscopic techniques and optical sensors. Application to interdisciplinary research in fields such as energy technology (combustion and gasification of biomass) and medical science

Energy Efficiency in buildings
The goal for this group is increasingly effective use of our limited resources required for sustainable development, both locally and globally.

Thermochemical Energy Conversion Laboratory (TEC-Lab)
The focus of the research is within thermochemical energy conversion, mainly focusing on biomass but also other solid and liquid fuels.