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Alexandra Charlson, postgraduate student
Anders Lindgren, senior research engineer
Andras Gorzsas, senior research engineer
André Graça, postgraduate student
André Ohlin, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research focuses on the behaviour of metal oxide materials, such as polyoxometalates, at the interface with water and other small molecules. See

Andriy Rebryk, postgraduate student
Angelica Jonsson, administrator, finance
Anna Eriksson, senior research engineer
Anna Strom, communication officer

Bio4Energy Communications

Anna Wuolikainen, senior research engineer (absent)

- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

- Chemometrics

- Bioinformatics

Annica Rönnbäck, coordinator, research
Arvind Kumar, senior research engineer
Benny Björkblom, senior research engineer
Carla Perez, postgraduate student
Charlotta Sundin, senior research engineer
Chau Huynh, postgraduate student, mc
Cheng Choo Lee, senior research engineer
Christian Hedberg, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Claes Persson, service assistant
Dalia Abdelfattah, postdoctor

A member of the system analysis and bioeconomy platform, Bio4Energy progrma.Currently working on life cycle assessment and sustainability production of renewable energy systems.

Dan Adolfsson, postgraduate student
David Andersson, senior research engineer, senior lecturer (associate professor)
David Nilsson, senior research engineer
Dimitrios Ilanidis, postgraduate student
Dmitry Shevela, senior research engineer
Dong Wang, postgraduate student

Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson is a structural biologist who studies structure-function relationships of RNA-RNA and RNA protein interactions; amyloid formation. She also studies amyloidformation, and molecular mechanisms  behind host-pathogen interactions. The aim with the latter project is to aid discovery of new and improved drug candidates against infectious disease pathogens. Her group uses X-ray crystallography, chemical biology, and other in vitro biochemical and biophysical methods for their studies. Sauer-Eriksson is since 2011 Assistant Head of the Chemistry Department and examinator of the PhD program.

For more information see the Integrated Structural Biology homepage:

Emil Johansson, postgraduate student
Emma Thurén, administrator, finance
Eric Capo, postdoctor
Erik Björn, senior lecturer (associate professor)

We study how the chemical structure of metal compounds control mechanisms and kinetics for reactions which are central for the cycling of metals in the environment.

Erik Chorell, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Fredrik Orädd, postgraduate student
Frida Torell, postgraduate student (absent)
Gunilla Isaksson, administrator, finance
Guochao Wu, senior research engineer
Ilona Dudka, senior research engineer
Ioana Chelcea, postgraduate student

PhD student working with computational chemistry/toxicology

Izabella Surowiec, senior research engineer
Jana Späth, postgraduate student
Jean-Francois Boily, professor

Inorganic Chemistry focused on Molecular Geochemistry. Experimental and theoretical studies of Earth's crust and atmosphere, and of planet Mars.

Jenny Lundqvist, senior research engineer
Jens Stens, service assistant
Jerker Fick, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Jerry Lindholm, postgraduate student
Joakim Bygdell, senior research engineer
Joao Figueira, senior research engineer
Johan Trygg, professor

Full Professor in Chemometrics with focus on multivariate data analysis, AI/deep learning and mechanistic modelling in life science, medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Junyi Zhao, laboratory engineer
Jörgen Ådén, senior research engineer
Karina Persson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Kavitha Shanmugam, postgraduate student
Kristina Lundquist, postgraduate student
Lars Backman, professor, senior

My research group has a long-standing interest in spectrin and spectrin-like proteins, such as α-actinin. The major aim is to understand the structural and functional roles of these proteins.

Lars Lövgren, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Laxmi Mishra, postgraduate student
Linda Sandblad, researcher, senior research engineer

Project: Cell biology - Structure, assembly and cellular organization of the cytoskeleton

MIMS Team Leader

Director of Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy

Lisa Lundin, senior research engineer
Madeleine Ramstedt, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research deals with bacterial interactions with surfaces

Magnus Andersson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

In my lab, we use both experimental (time-resolved X-ray scattering) and computational (MD simulations) techniques to understand membrane protein functionality.

Majid Mustafa, postgraduate student
Malin Linder Nording, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Marcus Carlsson, senior research engineer
Maria Hjelt, laboratory engineer
Maria Jansson, administrator, study
Mark Rambaran, postgraduate student
Martin Edlund, university technician
Martin Plöhn, postgraduate student
Melanie Oelker, postgraduate student
Merve Yesilbas, postdoctor

I am interested on the water condensation and freezing on minerals, which are widespreadly found on the terrestrial systems of Earth and the atmosphere, as well as planet Mars using the vibrational spectroscopy. 

My postdoctoral project that funded from Swedish Research Council (VR-2018-06694) aims to identify hydrated minerals on the near surface of Mars to reveal the potential water resources, and life signatures for future human explorations. 


Michael Hall, senior research engineer
Mikael Elofsson, professor

Dean Faculty of Science and Technology

Mikael Lindberg, senior research engineer
Mingquan Liu, postgraduate student, mc
Nabil Souihi, research fellow (assistant professor)
Naser Tavajohi Hassan Kiadeh, research fellow (assistant professor)

Membrane science and technology

Ngoc Tan Luong, postgraduate student
Norman Hoster, postgraduate student
Pardeep Singh, senior research engineer
Patrik Andersson, professor

My research aims at developing methods for identifying chemicals of environmental and human health concern and to explore their mode of action by combining computational and experimental tools.

Paz Trillo, senior research engineer
Per Liljelind, senior research engineer

I work with analysis of chemicals in the environment. I am the system manager for ChemKeeper, the program for Chemical Management at the University and assists with chemical expertise.

Per Rogne, senior research engineer
Pierre Oesterle, postgraduate student (absent)

I am a PhD student working in environmental chemistry and more specifically on the remediation of polluted water stream by biochars/activated carbon and the regeneration of these adsorbents.

Piotr Jablonski, postgraduate student
Prasad Bagineni, senior research engineer
Pär Jonsson, senior research engineer
Quoc Thai Bui, postgraduate student
Rémi Caraballo, senior research engineer
Richard Lindberg, senior research engineer
Sandra Behren, postgraduate student
Sara Filppa, HR administrator
Sara Henriksson, senior research engineer
Sara Spjut, senior research engineer
Sebastian Jonsson, postgraduate student
Shashi Kant Shukla, senior research engineer
Shokat Sarmad, senior research engineer
Solomon Tesfalidet, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Souvik Sarkar, senior research engineer
Stefan Stagge, research engineer
Stina Jansson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research is mainly focused on thermal treatment of biomass and other organic materials and waste fractions, from an environmental chemistry perspective.

Thomas Heidler, senior research engineer
Tobias Hainzl, senior research engineer
Tobias Sparrman, senior research engineer
Tomas Hedlund, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Ulrika Westerlind, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Our group is interested in chemical glycobiology.

The projects include 1) synthesis of carbohydrates, glycopeptides, semi-synthetic glycoproteins and glycomimetics; 2) studies of disease relevant protein-carbohydrate interactions; 3) development of glycoproteomic tools and methodology.

Uwe Sauer, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Venkata Krishna Kumar Upadhyayula, research fellow (assistant professor)
Weixing Qian, senior research engineer
William Siljebo, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Wolfgang Schröder, professor

Chaperones; Supervising PSII under light stress

Xiaoyi Xin, senior research engineer
Yaowen Wu, professor

Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanism of autophagy and membrane trafficking regulated by small GTPases by developing novel chemical and chemo-optogenetic approaches.

Ziye Zheng, postgraduate student