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Faculty and staff

Here you will find teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. For a list of those affiliated with the Department, such as Emeriti, research students and part time teachers, please click the link Show Affiliated Staff.


Anna Larsson, professor

Professor in History of science and ideas. Head of research for History and education and Umeå Research Centre for Social Studies Didactics (UmSOD). Assistant Head of Department.

Björn Norlin, researcher

Björn Norlin is Associate professor of History and Education at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Umeå University. He is also Deputy Director of "The Postgraduate School of Educational sciences", School of Education, Umeå University.

Björn Åstrand, senior lecturer (associate professor) (absence)
Bouke de Vries, postdoctor

Postdoctoral research fellow

Bram Vaassen, postgraduate student

I'm writing a dissertation on consciousness and causation. I also teach now and then.

Cecilia Hortlund, postgraduate student

Gender/military historian with a focus on identity, masculinity, and nationalism. My thesis concerns Swedish speaking Civil Guards in the Civil Guard Districts of Vaasa and Turunmaa 1918-1939.

Christer Nordlund, professor

Professor of History of Science and Ideas, and director of Umeå Studies in Science, Technology and Environment. Elected member of Umeå University Board.

Daniel Lindmark, professor

Professor of Church History at the Faculty of Arts (50 %) and Professor of History and Education at Umeå School of Education (50 %)

Daniela Cutas, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Elisabeth Raddock, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Elise Dermineur, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor) (absence), associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Emil Marklund, postgraduate student

I'm a PhD candidate in History and Education and a part of the Gender School for Gender Studies (UCGS) also I'm one of the departments representatives for equal rights.

Finn Arne Jörgensen, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Finn Arne Jørgensen was assistant professor of history of technology and environment from 2010-2014, and associate professor of the same field from 2014-2017. He is at present Professor of environmental history at University of Stavanger, Norway, but remains employed in a 20% position at Umeå University for two externally funded research grants, Digital Models and Experiencing Nature in the Digital Age.

Fredinah Namatovu, postdoctor

Fredinah Namatovu is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies working on the DISLIFE Liveable disabilities project funded by the European Research Council. Her role in this project involves using Sweden's national registers to apply life-course techniques to conduct quantitative studies on the impact of disability on the transition into education, labour market, partnership and family formation.

Glenn Sandström, researcher

Glenn Sandström is an Associate Professor researching primarily family dynamics in historical and contemporary demography.

Henrik Åström Elmersjö, senior research assistant

Associate professor in history and education, and research coordinator at the Faculty of Arts.

Inês Félix, postgraduate student (absence)
Jacob Stridsman, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Janina Priebe, postdoctor

Ph.D. candidate in History of Science and Ideas

Jenny Eklöf, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Associate professor in History of Science and Ideas. My research interests revolve around the interaction between science, politics and the media in a broad sense. I am also director of studies at the department.

Johan Linderholm, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Jonas Nilsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am Head of Department and Senior Lecturer in philosophy.

Kalle Grill, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am senior lecturer in philosophy and director of our B.A. program in Philosophy and Society. I teach and supervise in moral philosophy and political philosophy.

Lars Samuelsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Lena Berggren, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Lotta Vikström, professor

Enjoying an ERC Consolidator Grant (2016-21) I lead a cross-disciplinary team researching how disabilities affect people's participation in society, past and present.

Marcel Quarfood, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Maria Berglind, administrator, study

I work as a study administrator for the subjects of History and Archaeolgy.

Mark Sluys, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Mats Eriksson, project assistant
Mats Wahlberg, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Mattias Sjölander, project assistant, postgraduate student

Mainly work with environmental reconstruction and changes in settlement patterns in northern Sweden.

Mikael Lundmark, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Mikael Winninge, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am Associate Professor in New Testament Exegesis. The focus of my research has been early Jewish texts on the one hand, and identity formation and interpretation of history among early Christians on the other.

Niclas Lindström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Olle Sundström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Per Axelsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Peter Holmblad, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Peter Lindström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Peter Melander, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Philip Buckland, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Director of The Environmental Archaeology Lab and the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database (SEAD), two research infrastructures for archaeology.

Pär Eliasson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Sandra Olsson, communication officer

My responsibilities are internal and external communication which include the departments website, calendar, ads, posters and other printed information.

Sebastian Selvén, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Sebastian Östlund, postgraduate student

I am a PhD student in philosophy. My research revolves around axiology applied within the field of political philosophy, with a special focus on the capability approach framework.

Sofia Jeppsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am a senior lecturer in philosophy, with a focus on practical philosophy. My research is centered around free will, moral responsibility and animal ethics.

Stefan Olsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Thomas Girmalm, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Tora Byström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Tord Larsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Torfinn Huvenes, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Åsa Andersson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty of Arts. My primary research interests lie in women and gender history from different perspectives: legal, political and social, 1650-1920.