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Anders Hofer, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Nucleotide biosynthesis in the parasite Typanosoma brucei

Anders Olofsson, senior research assistant, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Amyloid Fibrils and Cytotoxic Oligomers

Andrei Chabes, professor

dNTPs and maintenance of genome stability

Anna Arnqvist, professor

Helicobacter pylori

Anna Shevtsova, senior research engineer
Anna Åberg, senior research engineer
Anna Lena Chabes, senior research engineer, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Erik Johansson, professor

Replicating the genome

Göran Bylund, senior research engineer
Hussein Haggag, senior research engineer
Ignacio Mir-Sanchis, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Igor Iashchishyn, senior research engineer
Ikenna Obi, senior research engineer
Irene Martinez Carrasco, senior research engineer
Jeanette Blomberg, senior research engineer
Jenny Fossen, administrator, department (absent)
Josefin Forslund, postgraduate student
Jurgen Schleucher, professor

Biomolecular function from molecular scale to global scale

Kasturika Shankar, postgraduate student
Lars-Anders Carlson, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Lena Lassinantti, postgraduate student

Amyloid formation - from molecular mechanisms to disease and novel nanomaterials

Mahsa Fallah, senior research engineer
Malgorzata Wilczynska, senior research engineer
Mara Doimo, postdoktor, mc
Matilda Rentoft, senior research engineer
Md Tohidul Islam, postgraduate student
Nasim Sabouri, researcher

Maintenance of genome integrity by DNA Helicases

Olena Rakhimova, senior research engineer
Paulina Wanrooij, research fellow (assistant professor)

Mitochondrial DNA and the DNA damage response

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Phong Tran, research engineer
Ronnie Berntsson, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)

Structural biology of Type 4 Secretion Systems from Gram-positive bacteria.

Selma Dahmane, postdoktor, mc
Sjoerd Wanrooij, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Molecular mechanism of DNA repair and replication in human mitochondria

Sonja Stenmark, research engineer
Stefan Björklund, professor

The mediator complex and its function in transcriptional regulation at the molecular level

Sushma Sharma, senior research engineer
Thomas Boren, professor

Protein-carbohydrate interactions during health and disease

Timothée Laurent, postgraduate student
Tor Ny, professor, senior

Extracellular matrix degrading proteases and their inhibitors

Wael Mohamed, postdoctoral position, postdoctor
Zhanna Bugaytsova, senior research engineer
Åsa Larefalk, research engineer