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Department of Culture and Media Studies


Anne Heith, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Anne Heith, associate professor in Comparative Literature. Research projects: "Making Place in Literature: Meänmaa in Contemporary Tornedalian Texts" and "Other Places in the Teaching of Literature: Sápmi, Meänmaa, and Migrant Cartographies".

Britta Lundgren, professor

I am a Professor of Ethnology since 1999. My main research interests are gender studies, medical humanities and One Health. During the years 2016-2018, I am a member of the board of Swedish Research Council.

Eric Carlsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Eric Carlsson is an associate professor and senior lecturer in Media and Communication Studies.

Evelina Liliequist, postgraduate student

Current dissertation project:
Digitala förbindelser- hbtq-personers meningsskapande i relation till sociala medier, identitet och plats i norra Sverige 

Merja Ellefson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Publication list and complete profile available in Linkedin:
Follow Merja on twitter: @merjael