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Department of Chemistry


Alena Manzhynski
Alexandra Aveling
Alona Lansky
Alva Abrahamsson
Amanda Ekman
Andras Gorzsas

Manager, Vibrational Spectroscopy Core Facility (ViSp)


Andre Mateus

Focus on mapping protein function in human gut microbiome species using proteomics and systems biology.

André Ohlin

My research focuses on the behaviour of metal oxide materials, such as polyoxometalates, at the interface with water and other small molecules. See http://moleculargeo.chem.umu.se/ohlin/

Andreas Eriksson

I am a PhD student within the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University.

Andrey Shchukarev

My research field is chemistry and physics of surface and interfaces, especially in aqueous media, studied by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. I am manager of the XPS Platform.

Andriy Rebryk

My research focuses on the development of mass spectrometry-based non-target screening methods for the devarious environmental matrices.

Angelo Sebaaly
Anna Eriksson
Anna Leonardsson

I am responsible for the doctoral program in chemistry and am also deputy head of department.

Anna Strom


Annika Persson
Benny Björkblom

full-time staff Scientist at the Department of Chemistry

Britta From
Camilla Jonsson
Carlos Martín
Chaojun Tang
Christian Hedberg

I am a professor of organic chemistry.

Christiane Funk

My research focuses on plant proteases as well as the possibility to use Nordic microalgae for wastewater reclamation and biomass generation.


Claudia Quineche
Dale Corkery
David Nilsson
Deepika Jaiman
Dennis Svedberg
Dmitry Shevela

Application of gas isotope ratio mass spectrometry in photosynthesis and geochemistry research areas. For more information, visit our webpage: http://irms.chem.umu.se/

Dmytro Sokol

I'm a PhD student in biochemistry in Madeleine Ramsted’s group studying multispecies bacterial biofilm metabolites of clinical bacteria from catheters and marine bacteria producing antibiotics

Edvin Forsgren
Elaheh Lotfi Kalahroodi

Biogeochemical processes of trace metals, isotopic geochemistry


Elena Dracheva
Elisabeth Baland

I am a PhD in Andre Mateus lab since June 2022. My project focuses on using biophysical proteomics approaches to study carbohydrate metabolism in gut microbiome species.

Biological macromolecular crystallography

Emelie Boström
Erik Björn

We study how the chemical structure of metal compounds control mechanisms and kinetics for reactions which are central for the cycling of metals in the environment.

Erik Chorell

I work as associate professor at the Department of Chemistry, which includes research, teaching and infrastructure responsibility linked to Life Science and chemical biology.

Erin Schexnaydre
Eva Weidemann
Farina Tariq
Fredrik Almqvist

I am a professor of organic chemistry and my research group looks for new solutions for infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. I am director of the Umeå Center for Microbial Research, UCMR.

Georgia Vergou
Gergö Mótyán
Gerhard Gröbner

Professor of biophysical chemistry and responsible for the national NMR infrastructure. Researches biological membranes with a focus on proteins involved in cell death.

Gunilla Isaksson
Helena Glenge
Henrik Antti

I am head of the Department of Chemistry. I am a professor in bioinformatics and my research areas are chemometrics and metabolomics.

Hussein Haggag
Ida Bengtsson
Ilona Dudka
Irina Shchukareva
Jean-Francois Boily

Molecular Geochemistry. Experimental and theoretical studies of Earth's crust and atmosphere, and outer space.  My webpage: http://moleculargeo.chem.umu.se/boily/

Jens Stens
Jerker Fick
Joakim Bygdell
Joana Goncalves
Joao Figueira
Johan Trygg

Research focus on advanced data analytics and chemometrics where large-scale ('omics) datasets are used to understand, prevent and treat human diseases to achieve improved global health.

Johan Unge

MicroED speicalist, staff scientist at UCEM for MicroED services, developer and researcher.

Jonna Mattsson
Jun Zhang

I am a postdoc in Yaowen Wu’s group. My research focus on development of chemo-optogenetic system with photoswitchable CIDs enabling control of cellular processes by light.

Junyi Zhao
Jyri-Pekka Mikkola

Prof. Jyri-Pekka Mikkola is a professor in Technical chemistry at both Umeå University, Sweden and Åbo Akademi University, Finland since 2008

Jörgen Ådén
Karin Boden
Karina Persson
Kate Bennett

Research Coordinator at the Department of Chemistry and Platform Manager at the Computational Analytics Support Platform (CASP).

Laura Herzog
Linda Sandblad

Project: Cell biology - Structure, assembly and cellular organization of the cytoskeleton

MIMS Team Leader

Director of Umeå Centre for Electron Microscopy

Linda Zetterholm
Lisa Lundin

Lisa Lundin is an associate professor in Environmental Chemistry and program manager for the graduate engineering program in Technical Chemistry and the University program for process operator.

Lorene Gonnin

I am a postdoc fellow in Linda Sandblad’s research group. I am investigating viral replication in cells infected with negative-strand RNA viruses using electron tomography.

Luisa Fernanda Corredor Arias
Madeleine Ramstedt

My research deals with bacterial interactions with surfaces

Madhavi Latha Gandla
Magdalena Vikdahl
Magnus Andersson

In my lab, we use both experimental (time-resolved X-ray scattering) and computational (MD simulations) techniques to understand membrane protein functionality.

Magnus Holmgren
Malin Linder Nording
Marco Bassani
Maria Hjelt
Maria Sapounidou

My research interests focus on identifying chemicals of concern relevant to human and environmental health, by employing current and developing new computational methodologies. 

Maria Svensson
Marie Lycksell

Post-doc at the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, and long-term visitor at Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France. Studies membrane proteins using small-angle scattering and simulations.

Martin Edlund
Martin Plöhn
Mattias Hedenström

Staff scientist working at the NMR spectroscopy platform


Max Renner
Maxime Donzel
Merve Yesilbas

Vibrational Spectroscopy, Mineral-Martian analogue soils-water/ice interfacial reactions, NASA's Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) Remote Sensing data analyses 

Michael Hall
Michael Holmboe
Mikael Elofsson

Dean Faculty of Science and Technology

My Hägglund
Narin Mohamad

I work as project assistant at the UCEM (Umeå Center for Electron Micorscopy) facility. 




Naser Tavajohi

Gas separation membranes (CO2 separation, olefin/paraffin separation, etc.), membranes in the energy sector (Blue Energy and Green Energy production), membranes for water and wastewater treatment.   

Nathan Lavazuelle
Niklas Söderholm
Nils Hauff


Oleksandr Ilchenko

My research work focused on bacterial metabolomics, statistics and multivariate analysis. The work also entitles method development in metabolomics and data treatment.

Oscar Montén
Pardeep Singh
Patrik Andersson

My research aims at developing methods for identifying chemicals of environmental and human health concern and to explore their mode of action by combining computational and experimental tools.

Per Liljelind

I assist with chemical expertise and support as an administrator for the program for Chemical Management at the University, and I work at the Trace Analysis Platform with chemical analysis by GC/MS.

Per Rogne
Rabindra Nath Das
Rao Vippili

I am a postdoc in Fredrik Almqvists group focusing on developing drugs that are inhibiting gram-positive bacterial infections.


Rogers Swai
Rupesh Balaji Jayachandran

PhD student in Max Renner's group at the Department of Chemistry, studying the replication machinery of pneumo- and henipaviruses using cryo-EM.

Sakina Khwaja
Sandra Behren

I am a post-doc working in Mikael Elofsson's group in the Department of Chemistry. My research focuses on the synthesis of antiviral small molecules and glycoconjugates.

Sanna Bränström
Santosh Govind Khokarale
Sara Sandin
Sara Spjut
Shaochun Zhu
Shokat Sarmad
Sofie Björklund
Sofie Söderlund
Solomon Tesfalidet

I am analytical chemist with background in spectrometry and am currently focusing on electrochemistry and development of electroanalytical methods.

Stefan Stagge
Stina Jansson

My research is mainly focused on thermal treatment of biomass and other organic materials and waste fractions, from an environmental chemistry perspective.

Stina Wikström
Suresh Banjara

I am a postdoc in Linda Sandblads lab. I use Cryo-EM techniques to explore the architecture of the extracellular matrix surrounding mammalian egg cells.

Tamás Milán Nagy

Currently, he is interested in the structure and dynamics of proteins using NMR spectroscopy and computational tools.

Tanvir Shaikh
Thibaut Cossart
Thilde Andersson
Tobias Hainzl
Trung Nguyen

I study the deliquescence of Martian analogs of clays and salts by using Dynamic Vapour Sorption and Cryo-FTIR/Raman. My goal is to find potential water resources for future human missions to Mars.

Ulrika Westerlind

My group is interested in chemical glycobiology.


Uwe Sauer

I m head of the Protein Expertise Platform (PEP).

Van Minh Dinh

Our research is on design of materials and catalytic systems, especially ones related to biomass resources, biopolymers, ionic liquids, and heterogeneous catalysts.

ORCID: 0000-0003-1473-6812

Victor Hellgren

I am a PhD student working on developing novel antibiotics towards gram-positive bacteria.

William Siljebo
Yaowen Wu

Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanism of autophagy and membrane trafficking regulated by small GTPases by developing novel chemical and chemo-optogenetic approaches.

Zheng Guo

I am a PhD student in Ulrika Westerlind’s research group. I work on the synthesis and biological exploration of glycopeptides.