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Masterprogrammet i molekylärbiologi

Dear student, I would like to welcome you to Umeå University and the Department of Molecular Biology. Our teachers and students are from many different countries and we all appreciate an international environment and internationally competitive research. You have been accepted as a Master’s student on our Molecular Biology Programme.  My name is Viktoria Vedin and I am the study counselor for the programme. If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact me.

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  • 1. Your offer

    You have been admitted. If you want to keep your place (seat), you do not have to reply to your offer.

    If you do not want to keep your place you should decline your offer by logging in to 'My pages' on, and follow the instructions. You should click "I wish to decline this offer" next to the course or programme you want to decline.

    If you see "Reserve" next to your course or programme in the Notification of selection results, this means that you've been placed on a waiting list for that course/programme.

    Support for students with disabilities

    If you are in need of special support due to disability, you should apply for that in good time before you start your studies. Find more information about support for studying with disabilities.

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  • 2. Registrera dig på programmet

    The programme starts off with the course Advanced Molecular Biology. You need to be registered for the course in the study documentation system in order to be able to follow the course and to get your results registered during the course. Registration on a course (and to the programme) will occur only if you are actually present at the first lecture of the course. If you are unable to attend the registration and introduction, you need to contact the study counselor in advance, or else you risk loosing your place on the programme. The detailed schedule for the course Advanced Molecular Biology will be available at the home page

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  • 3. Börja programmet

    August 30, 2020

    Tid: according to schedule

    Plats: According to schedule

    You will start with a 15 ECTS credits course in Advanced Molecular Biology (approximately 10 weeks of full time studies) and continue with a 15 ECTS course in Tumour Biology during the next half of the Fall semester. You will start Spring semester with a mandatory 15 ECTS course in Molecular Genetics. For the rest of your master you may, to a large extent, "design" your Master's programme which ends with a 30 ECTS exam project (i.e. Master thesis). Contact the study counselor if you are concerned about courses in very specific subjects. You can read more about the programme and the programme courses at
    It is important that you wear a cotton lab coat at the practical exercises during the courses. You can bring your own if you already have one or buy one here at Umeå University.

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Om programmet

  • Tuition fees

    For students that need to pay tution, all offers of admission to Umeå University are considered preliminary until the student has paid the first installment of his or her tuition fee. Applications for a residence permit will not be approved until the Swedish Migration Board receives notification from the university that your first tuition fee installment has been paid. After receiving a notification of admission letter from Umeå University, students will receive information about the process regarding the payment of tuition fees. For more information regarding tuition fee, please visit

    More important information regarding studies at Umeå University can be found at

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  • Residence permit

    Students coming from countries outside the EU and planning to study for longer than three months, require a residence permit. Note that you might have to wait for the decision, so apply well in advance. More information can be found at Migrationsverket and Sweden Abroad.

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