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staff and employees working at the Department of Culture and Media Studies


André Baltz

Professor, Chair of Museology

Associate Professor of Archaeology

Interdisciplinary researcher in critical heritage studies

Anna Sofia Lundgren

Professor in ethnology. Research areas include rural studies, ageing identities and loneliness, hormonal narratives, and green industrialisation.

Anne Gustavsson

Anne holds a Ph.D. in social anthropology and works as a researcher. 

Annie Woube
Annika Bünz
Casper Virkkula
Charlotte Engman

Resarching museums, heritage and (de)coloniality and teaching ethnographic methods, ethnic diversity and museum education.

David Klingberg
Elin Manker

I am Assistant Professor in Art History & Visual Studies. My research concerns design history, design theory and aspects of modernity, from circa 1800 onwards.

Elin Wallner
Ellen Enmark
Eric Carlsson

Eric Carlsson is an associate professor and senior lecturer in Media and Communication Studies.

Erik Edoff
Erik Lindenius

Associate professor in Media and Communication. Teacher of excellent degree, and reciever of the Umeå Student Union Pedagogical Award. Producer of the swedish podcast The Media Observers. 

Esa K Marttila
Eva Holmgren
Evelina Stenbeck
Fanny Lindgren
Gustav Ljungqvist
Helena Pettersson
Ida Lynne
Jenny Ingridsdotter

Jenny holds a PhD in ethnology and works as a lecturer and researcher.

Jenny Lönnroth
Jesper Enbom
Joel Randeblad
Johan Jarlbrink
Johanna Arnesson

Johanna Arnesson is an assistant professor in Media and Communication Studies. Her research includes critical perspectives on promotion, political communication, and digital media.

Jonas Vågström
Katarina Båth
Katarzyna Wolanik Boström

I am Associate professor (docent) and senior university lecturer. My research interests concern narrativity, life stories, organisational cultures and international mobility among highly skilled.

Kerstin Engström

Program coordinator of the Journalism program and associate professor in media and communication studies.

Kristina Hellman
Kristina Öhman
Lena Danielsson
Maja Rintala
Maria Jönsson

Professor in literature and senior lecturer at the Department for Culture and Media

Maria Löfgren
Matilda Marshall

Senior lecturer in ethnology. Research focus includes food culture, food storage, cultural aspects of cold, and sustainable consumption.

Mikaela Wikström

My research concerns media, journalism and sustainability, with a focus on media discourses about the so-called green reindustrialisation and societal transition of the Swedish North.

Moa Eriksson Krutrök

I research discourses on societal crises and the expressions of trauma, grief, and resilience on social media, primarily on Twitter and TikTok.

Märit Simonsson
Olga Zabalueva
Per Stam
Peter Henning
Peter Kostenniemi
Rebecca Bengtsson Lundin

Researching image and media ethics, and photojournalism

Sara Bäckström

Ph.D. student in etnology, studying the contemporary interest in deserted houses.

Sarah Nordgren
Sofia Pulls
Susanne Holst
Tim Berndtsson
Torkel Molin
Zakayo Kjellström

Zakayo Kjellström. I am a doctoral student at the department for Culture and Media Studies. My dissertation is on the illegal download of academic litterature. 

Latest update: 2019-12-04