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Department staff


Albert Brunet Johansson

Project assistant conducting research on the access to sexual and reproductive health of young migrants. Sociologist. 

André Sjöberg

PhD student specializing in health economics and outcome research, engaging in research and teaching related to complex interventions, health technology assessments, and economic evaluations.

Anette Edin-Liljegren
Angelica Johansson

Education administrator for the Programmes in Public Health. Secretary for the Programme council PRPH. Administration in Selma, student support & course administration.

Anna-Karin Hurtig

Head of the Dept. of Epidemiology and Global Health. Areas of interest: international health policy and systems research, community based health systems and primary health care, and migrant health.

Anne Gotfredsen

Research interests includes youth mental health and leisure. Currently stationed at University of Newcastle, Australia as a postodoctoral fellow.

Anneli Ivarsson

Professor in Epidemiology and Public Health Sciences. MD with specialist training in Paediatrics and a PhD in Paediatrics.

Anni-Maria Pulkki-Brännström


Associate Professor in Health Economics

Camilla Andersson

Doctoral student at Dep Epidemiology and Global health, with a background as a journalist.

Carina Luther
Carl Lundberg

PhD-candidate with a background in health economics & public health. Currently researching how society can better support young people not in employment, education or training (NEETs).

Catherine Jo

Program Coordinator, Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanity and Society

Catrine Odhiambo
Curt Löfgren

Senior lecturer in Economics. PhD in Public Health, particularly issues on health financing in low and middle income countries, e.g. how to pro­tect households from cata­strophic health expenditure.

Dean Carson
Ella-Karin Blind
Eva Selin

Education administrator and program councelor for the Master`s programme in public health. Student support and course administration.


Staff scientist at the department of Epidemiology and Global Health

Contact person for the International Mukwege Chair

Fethi Mohammed Yusuf
Fredinah Namatovu

Senior Lecturer in Public Health. Main area of interest: public health, gender-based violence, reproductive health, disability, and population ageing in Sweden and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fredrik Norström

Docent in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Associate Professor in Health Economics. Work environment and fire safety representative at the department.

Frida Jonsson

Research fellow and docent in Public Health. Coordinator for courses in health promotion and public health evaluation.


Gabriella Hök
Göran Lönnberg

Statistician, Data Scientist and IT responsible at the Department

Hanna Blåhed
Helene Johansson

Teaching in health promotion, health promoting health services and qualitative methodology. Research areas are health promotion, prevention, implementation and collaboration/integration.

Henrik Holmberg
Huzeifa Aweesha
Ida Linander

I do research on LGBTQ people's experiences of health and healthcare and also on broader questions about gender, sexual health and healthcare systems.

Inna Feldman
Isabel Goicolea

Professor of Public Health

Responsible for Research Education

Jennie Brandén

PhD in Political Science. My research focuses on the governing of social and political problems such as safety, gender equality and gendered violence, from feminist & (post)colonial perspectives. 

Johan Dahlstrand
Julia Schröders

Postdoc in Sociology with background in Medical Anthropology, Epidemiology & Global Health. Interested in social network research and the construction of vulnerabilities across the adult life course.

Karin Johansson

I am the administrative coordinator at the department.

My duties consist of staff issues and overall administration at the department. I also participate in the management team's work.

Karl-Erik Renhorn

I support and develop the process of applying for external research funding, and review draft applications. I also teach writing research funding applications.

Kaspar Meili

Health economist, working on CALY-SWE for measuring capability-related quality of life. Expertise in statistical software R, systematic reviews & open science. CALY-SWE questionnaire: www.caly.se

Klas-Göran Sahlen

Research mainly in health economics and health-related preventive actions.

Kristina Lindvall

Researcher. PhD in Public Health at Umeå University in 2013. Lecture in Qualitative Methodology and Nutrition. Research on Weight maintenance, Risk communication and Interventions.

Lars Lindholm

Professor in Health eco­nomics. Studies on equity in health economic evaluation and the use of epidemiological data in the distribu­tion of health care resources.

Lars Weinehall

Senior Professor in Epidemi­ology and Family Medicine.

Lena Maria Nilsson
Lisbeth Lundahl

Professor in educational work, visiting professor at University of Gothenburg 2022-23. Research on education politics, young people´s trajectories in policy, institutional and individual perspectives.

Magnus Zingmark
Maria Emmelin
Maria Lindström
Maria Nilsson

My research is in the field of climate change and health. My main interest is climate adaptation, climate communication and policy development.


Marie Lindkvist

Director of Studies. Associate professor in epidemiology and biostatistics. Appointed as “Distinguished" UmU teacher. Research mainly in conditions for childrens health.

Masoud Vaezghasemi

I am a researcher in Global Health and my qualifications are BSc Food Science & Industry, MSc Public Health, MSc Food & Nutrition, and PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health.

Mazen Baroudi

M.D, MSc, PhD in Public Health

Professor in public health. Main areas of interest: teaching, supervision and research on socioeconomic inequalities of health and health systems strengthening

Monica Nyström

Research about implementation, development and learning processes in organisations

Moses Tetui
Osvaldo Fonseca

I do research on:

1. Quantifying the risk of complications in COVID-19 patients

2. Assessing the effect of weather types on health outcomes


Paola Mosquera Mendez

Researcher and lecturer in epidemiology and social epidemiology.

Per Gustafsson

Professor of Epidemiology with focus on Social Epidemiology

Docent of Public Health

Assistant and Deputy Head of Department of Epidemiology and Global Health

Petter Stoor

PhD, Postdoctoral fellow

Licensed psychologist

Coordinator, Lávvuo - Research and Education for Sámi Health

Raman Preet

A global public health professional, scientific research manager, and coordinator. Expert in coordinating European Union funded health research projects.


Sara Castel Feced
Sara Forsberg

Financial coordinator, works with budgeting, economic planning and accounting

Solveig Petersen

Associate Professor in Epidemiology and Public Health.

Sun Sun

Researcher in Health Economics & Outcomes Researcher (HEOR) and Real-World Evidence (RWE). As a SHEA and EuroQol member, she is comitted to research on both national and international scale.

Susanne Walther

Financial administrator, responsible for supplier and customer invoices, payments, project reporting and follow-up.

Ulrika Harju

PhD research education administrator.

Wolfgang Lohr

Medical data manager

Latest update: 2022-10-28