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Faculty and staff

Here you will find teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies. For a list of those affiliated with the Department, such as Emeriti, research students and part time teachers, please click the link Show Affiliated Staff.


Alana Vincent
Anders Haglund
Anna Bladh
Anna Larsson

Professor in History of science and ideas. Head of research for History and education and Umeå Research Centre for Social Studies Didactics (UmSOD). Assistant Head of Department.

Anna Pya Sjödin
Badegül Eren Aydinlik

PhD student in History and Education

Björn Åstrand
Bram Vaassen

I am a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy working on causation and explanation. 

Charlotta Svonni

Charlotta Svonni is a PhD candidate in History and Education with a focus on Sámi education.

Chelsea Elissa Budd
Christer Nordlund

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor of History of Science and Ideas.

Christian Löw
Daniel Lindmark

Professor of Church History at the Faculty of Arts (50 %) and Professor of History and Education at Umeå School of Education (50 %)

Daniela Cutas

I am Senior Lecturer in Practical Philosophy. My main research interests are in bioethics (reproductive ethics in particular) and the philosophy of close personal relationships.

David Loeffler
Dimitri Coelho Mollo

I am an Assistant Professor with focus in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence. My main areas of research are Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Philosophy of Science.

Elin Forsberg
Elisabeth Raddock
Elise Dermineur Reuterswärd

Social and economic historian of early modern Europe

Emil Marklund

PhD in History and Education. 

Ethan Paul Nowak

(he/they) I am associate professor in philosophy and representative for equal opportunities. I work primarily in the philosophy of language, in both its theoretical and practical dimensions.

Fredrik Lindborg
Glenn Sandström

Glenn Sandström is a Docent/Associate Professor researching family dynamics from a historical and contemporary perspective.

Henrik Åström Elmersjö

Associate professor of history and education.

Hugo Hellström
Ida Anderalm
Ina Lindblom
Inês Félix
Isak Törnqvist
Ivanka Hristova

Senior research assistant at the Environmental Archaeology Lab, working with archaeobotanical remains.

Jacob Astudillo

Doctoral student in Systematic Theology.

Jacob Isaksson
Jacob Stridsman
Jan-Willem van der Rijt

I specialize in political philosophy and normative ethics. My research addresses topics such as dignity, self-respect, well-being, strategic interaction and the workings of democracy.

Janina Priebe

I am a researcher in the history of science and ideas, with a focus on environmental history. As of June 2022, I am Arctic Five Chair in Environmental History at Umeå University.


Jenny Eklöf

Associate professor in History of Science and Ideas. In my research I have focused on the interaction between science, politics and the media in a broad sense. 

Johan Eriksson

I examine the closure of privately run Muslim schools being accused of radicalising their pupils. 

Johan Linderholm
John-Christian Eurell

Lecturer in New testament exegesis

Jonas Nilsson

I am Head of Department and Senior Lecturer in philosophy.

Josefine Wälivaara
Julia Falk
Kalle Grill

I am associate professor in philosophy and director of our B.A. program in Philosophy and Society. I teach and supervise in moral philosophy and political philosophy.

Karin Enflo
Karin Berber Neutel
Lars Samuelsson

Senior lecturer/associate professor (docent) in philosophy and subject coordinator for the philosophy subject at Umeå University.

Leif Svensson
Lena Berggren
Lina Sohlén
Linda Edlund
Lotta Vikström

Enjoying an ERC Consolidator Grant (2016-21) I lead a cross-disciplinary team researching how disabilities affect people's participation in society, past and present.

Luise Mirow

I am a PhD student in philosophy. My research is about lying and misleading, considered from a philosophy of language perspective.

Madeleine Hayenhjelm

Madeleine Hayenhjelm (Ph.D, Phil.lic., Royal Institute of Technology) is a senior lecturer in Philosophy and Study Advisor for Philosophy.

Professor of Archaeology

Marcel Quarfood

I regularly teach history of philosophy, and occasionally metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of science. My research focuses on Kant's philosophy.


Maria Berglind

I work as a study administrator for the subjects of History and Archaeolgy.

Marie Rosenius
Martin Andersson

In my research I examine the first elementaty school teacher associations in Sweden between 1846 and 1880, focusing on the collective agency of the teachers.

Mats Eriksson

I am a doctoreal resercher in environmental archaeology, studying how we with the use of kemometric methods, can trace the movement patterns of Neolithic people of Västerbotten, Swedens inland.

Mats Wahlberg

I am docent in systematic theology. My research is primarily in philosophical- and fundamental theology, but I am also interested in classical dogmatics.  

Mattias Sjölander

PhD student in environmental archaeology, mainly environmental reconstructions and mobility. Project assistant in the SEAD project, responsible for import and quality assurance of data.

Mikael Lundmark
Mikael Rahm
Mikael Winninge

I am Associate Professor in New Testament Exegesis. The focus of my research has been early Jewish texts on the one hand, and identity formation and interpretation of history among early Christians on the other.

Niclas Lindström
Nils Franzén
Olle Sundström
Per Algander

I teach introductory courses in ethics, metaethics and decision theory. My research focuses on ethics and value theory, especially on moral obligations to future generations.

Per Axelsson
Peter Holmblad
Peter Lindström
Peter Melander
Petronella Foultier
Philip Buckland

Vice Dean of Arts and Humanities. Director of The Environmental Archaeology Lab and the Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database (SEAD). Senior Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology.

Philip Jerand

I am a PhD student in archaeology studying mobility and spatial organisation at settlements by using archaeological and ethnographical sources combined with chemical, physical and spectral analysis.

Pär Eliasson
Pär Sundström

I am head of subject for philosophy. Min research focuses on different questions in the philosophy of mind. I teach teacher candidates, and students in philosophy and cognitive science.

Samuel Ericson
Samuel Sundvall

PhD student in history, researching the impacts of migration flows on rural areas in northern Sweden during the 20th century, both on a structural and individual level.

Sandra Olsson

My responsibilities are internal and external communication which include the departments website, calendar, ads, posters and other printed information.

Sara Filppa
Sebastian Östlund

I am a PhD student in philosophy. My research revolves around axiology applied within the field of political philosophy, with a special focus on the capability approach framework.

Simon Berggren

I am a PhD student in History, researching emotions and perceptions of the capital punishment and royal mercy in petitions in 17th and 18th century Sweden.

Simon Lundberg

My name is Simon Lundberg and I work as a doctoral student in History and Education. My research focuses specifically on history teaching in relation to a multi-ethnic classroom context.

Sofi Östman

Administrative project coordinator and archaeobotanist.

Sofia Jeppsson

I am an associate professor of philosophy, with a focus on practical philosophy. My research is centered around free will, moral responsibility, animal ethics and philosophy of psychiatry.

Stefan Gelfgren

I am associate professor of Sociology of Religion and senior lecturer in Didactics of Religion.

Tabea Hochstrasser

I am a PhD student in the history of ideas, with a focus on early modern ideas about human connectedness, cheap print, and the combination of intellectual history and the history of emotions.

Thomas Girmalm
Tomas Lindgren

Professor of Psychology of religion.

Tora Byström
Tova Olsson
Victor Moberger
Yasemin Menemenli

Ph.D. student in archaeology.

My primary research interests lie in women and gender history from different perspectives: legal, political and social, 1650-1920. Current research, ”End of Love”, investigates Early Modern divorces.