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Staff at the department of Integrative Medical Biology

The department has about 90 people employed as teachers, researchers, post docs, doctoral students and administrative/technical staff.


Abdullah Kbiri
Abraha Kahsay
Ahmad Ismail
Alexander Forslund
Alicia Valatabar
Alireza Salami
Amjad Ahmad Tro
Ana Virel

Associate Professor and Docent in Histology and Cell Biology.

Department of Medical and Translational Biology.

Anders D Eggert
Anders Lundquist

I'm associate professor (Swedish: docent) and department head at the Department of Statistics. I´m also affiliated to Umeå center for functional brain imaging (UFBI).

Anders Öhman
André Lundgren
Andreas Hörnblad
Andy Wallman

Associate professor, PhD Phamacy, Pharmacist

Teach courses within the pharmacy programs and do research in pharmacy practice.

Aref Katta
Benjamin J Wheaton
Bianca Korse

I am a PhD student in Richard Lundmark’s lab and I study protein-mediated membrane remodeling.

Björn Morén
Bodil Granholm
Carl-Johan Boraxbekk

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging

Carola Hjälten
Charlotte Verburg
Chloe Williams
Christoffer Hallin Wik
Clara Edgren
Craig Vincent
Daniel Säfström


Associate Professor in Physiology and Consultant Physician in Diagnostic Radiology

Derin Dilan
Diana Papová
Dina Rönnberg
Edvin Siggstedt
Elin Almroth
Elin Larsson
Ellen Johansson
Emanuel Holm
Emil San Sebastian Hurtig
Emilija Romic
Emma Turesson
Emmelie Lidh
Eric Höglund
Erik Hansson
Erik Lundgren
Erik Peters
Erland Hassler
Eva Rodriguez Marquez
Eva Sönnerstam
Evelina Öberg
Fahad Sultan
Farhan Khalid Shah

I teach anatomy within medical and dental programs and hold responsibility for the Anatomical Competence Center. My research lab focuses on studying the effects of vibration on cells.

I am a professor with two main resarch tracks: the extraocular muscles and aniridia-related keratopathy. Research is my passion and the reason I came to Sweden from Portugal 30 years ago. 

Felix Thiel
Fredrik Backlund
Frida Torell
Frida Zätterman
George Chamoun
Gunnar Tiger
Gustav Andersson
Göran Dahlgren
Hampus Gerestrand
Hanna Nord
Helena Edlund


Professor of Molecular Developmental Biology

Head of the Section of Molecular Medicin, Dept. of Medical and Translational Biology

Helena Norberg

Associate professor in pharmacy, PhD, MSc clinical pharmacy

Programme coordinator for BSc and MSc in pharmacy

Isa Whyte Krenchel
Ismail Maan
Itzel Nissen
Iwan Jones
Jakob Karlsson
Jakob Lindwall
Jarkko Johansson
Jatta Bergman
Jennelie Rantala
Jennifer Frankel

Postdoctoral fellow at the Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI). My research is focused on the ageing brain and how it is affected by physical exercise.

Jennifer Nilsson
Jessica Karlsson


Associate professor in pharmacology

Jingxia Liu
Joel Pedersen
Johan Olsson
Jonas Kindstedt
Jonas von Hofsten

Studies muscle cells - in the subject areas of embryonic development, regeneration and cancer.

Jonatan Bodin
Jukka Lausmaa
Julia Krutrök
Karim Kwaidi
Karolina Kauppi

I study biological mechanisms of cognitive impairments in aging and neuropsychiatric diseases.


Kathrine Nylund
Khalid Hoffiani
Laiva Ashang Luwang
Lars Nyberg

Lars Nyberg serves as Professor of Neuroscience and director of Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI). He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Lars Stiernman

My research expertise and interest primarily revolves around the use of PET and MRI techniques to understand factors affecting brain and cognitive aging in health and disease.

Lauri Pulkkinen

I am a structural virologist working in Richard Lundmark’s group. I try to understand how tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) rearranges the membranes of the host cell during infection.

Lena Gunhaga

Professor in Developmental Biology.

The interest of my research group concerns the development of the nervous system, with focus on the brain and sensory systems.

Lev Novikov

Professor of Anatomy

Lina Sollén
Linda Rankin
Linkun Han
Linn Mauritzon
Linnéa Andersson
Lucas Gladzki
Lucas Grape
Luciano Censoni
Ludvig Backman

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and Functional Anatomy

Luis Oliveros Anerillas
Madeleine Alberts
Magdalena Kalinowski
Maja Hagberg Hilborn
Marcus Blyberg
Maria Brohlin
Maria Eriksson
Maria Gustafsson


Associate Professor and Docent in Pharmacy

Associate professor, combined with clinical employment

Maria Sjölander

Teaches scientific evaluation of medicines, mainly in the pharmacy programs. 
Research on the use of medicine and the effects of medicine use in populations.

Martin Bäckström
Mathias Selin
Michael Dimitriou


Associate Professor of Physiology

Head of Research (Dimitriou Laboratory)

Michael Druzin
Michael Haney

Michael Haney, MD, PhD, MSc

Academic head and Professor, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

Senior consultant, University Hospital of Umeå


Mikael Stiernstedt

I am the lab manager at UFBI as well as project assistant for the Betula project.

Mikko Lammi

ORCID: 0000-0002-6181-9904

Investigations on cartilage tissue engineering and endemic osteochondropathy, Kashin-Beck disease

Milanda Thomas
Moa Karlsson
Måns Stenlund
Nadia Ferry Yassin
Naima Metelius
Nibal Betari
Nick Moghbel
Nick Nilsson
Nina Karalija
Nina Svarvare
Noor Al Ali
Oliver Westerlind
Olov Nilsson
Paolo Medini
Patrik Danielson

M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Anatomy

Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Paul Kingham
Per Stål

Per Stål is professor in anatomy. His research is focused on cellular and molecular changes in healthy and diseased muscles and nerves.

Per Utsi
Per Öhrngren
Peyman Kelk

Associate professor in anatomy

Senior consultant in oral prosthodontics

Assistant head of department

Phong Tran
Pär Steneberg
Qian Zhang
Ragheed Karakchi
Raneia Nattof
Rebecca Wiberg
Richard Lundmark

Professor in histology and cell biology. Director of the platform Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU).

For more information about my lab and research please see: www.lundmark-lab.se

Rickard Lindeberg
Robin Pedersen
Roger Widmark
Roine El-Habta
Saana Korkki
Sara af Bjerkén

My research is focused on neurodegenerative processes and non-motor symptomatology in Parkinson's disease.

Sara Pudas

My research focuses on cognitive and brain aging.

Sara Wilson

Associate professor, PhD, docent, recognized teacher, Scientific Reports editorial board and nordic board for develpmental biology. Research on the nervous system during development and disease.

Sebastian Holm
Silvia Remeseiro

Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow (WCMM).

Long-range Gene Regulation and 3D-organization of the Glioblastoma Genome

Sofia Mattsson


Associate Professor and Docent in Pharmacy

Assistand Head of Department with responsibilites for education on bachelor and master level


Sofia Wahlquist
Somaya Babakhani
Sonja Nadim Karimi
Soran Dakhel
Staffan Johansson

Professor of Physiology

Head of Department of Medical and Translational Biology

Stefan Norlin
Stig Jacobsson

Professor of Pharmacology

Tianyan Wang
Ulf Dahl
Ulrika Pettersson Kymmer
Vanessa Crine
Victoria Jonsson
Viktor Arvidsson
Viktor Burström
Wai Lok Yau
Wayne Davies
William Mattsson
William Rönnbäck
Yashar Azar
Latest update: 2019-04-04