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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 6 May 2021)


Our Research Groups

Anders Byström
tRNA metabolism in eukaryotes
Andrea Puhar lab
Endogenous danger signals in infection and inflammation - Andrea Puhar's lab
Research area: Infection biology
Anna Berghard
Cell biology and physiology of the mammalian primary and accessory olfactory systems
Barbara Sixt Group
Cell-autonomous immunity and bacterial evasion strategies
Research area: Infection biology
Bernt Eric Uhlin
Regulatory networks in commensal and pathogenic Escherichia coli
Research area: Infection biology
Björn Schröder lab
Gut microbiota and intestinal mucosal barrier function
Dan Hultmark Group
Drosophila cellular innate immunity, and mechanisms of persistent viral infections
David Cisneros
Research Group of David Cisneros
Debra Milton Group
Bacterial small-talk
Ellen Bushell Group
Molecular mechanisms of malaria parasite-host interactions
Research area: Infection biology
Felipe Cava Group
Bacterial cell wall composition and its contribution to long-standing and emerging infectious diseases
Research area: Infection biology
Francesca Aguilo
RNA-based gene regulation of cell fate and breast cancer
Research area: Cancer
Gemma Atkinson group
Functional evolution of (p)ppGpp-synthesising/hydrolysing stress response proteins, toxin-antitoxins and ABCF translation and antibiotic resistance...
Hans Wolf-Watz Group
The Type III secretion system of pathogenic Yersinia
Research area: Infection biology
Jan Larsson
Our research group is interested in chromosome-wide gene regulatory mechanisms with focus on: (1) Deciphering the targeting mechanisms used by...
Jenny Persson
Cancer metastasis and targeted therapies.
Johan Henriksson Group
Our group aims at integrating all known and hypothesized regulatory mechanisms about T cells in a single predictive model
Jonas Barandun Group
Visualizing unique molecular machines important for the infection process - Organism specific elements in universally conserved assemblies
Research area: Infection biology
Jörgen Johansson Group
Stress regulatory mechanisms and RNA-mediated regulation in the bacterial pathogen Listeria monocytogen
Research area: Infection biology
Katharina Wulff Group
Non-visual responses to natural daylight in human physiology and mental health. Researcher at N4 research group.
Maria Fällman group
Molecular mechanisms involved in bacterial persistence in host tissue
Research area: Infection biology
Martin Gullberg Group
Molecular mechanisms of mechano-transcriptional activators
Matthew Francis Group
Molecular insights into Yersinia-target cell contact: envelope stress and mechanisms of pathogenesis
Mattias Alenius
Our group is interested in the essential regulatory processes that control and maintain neuronal activity and which malfunction cause diseases like...
Oliver Billker
The Billker lab studies how different species of Plasmodium, the parasites that cause malaria, spread between a human or animal host and mosquitoes...
Peter Lind Group
Exploring the limits of evolutionary forecasting using bacterial populations
Saskia Erttmann
Insight into inflammatory diseases – understanding the molecular mechanisms during the onset and resolution of inflammation
Staffan Bohm Group
Establishment of functional and topographic identity of olfactory sensory neurons
Sun Nyunt Wai
We aim to clarify mechanisms and pathways modulated by bacteria in host cells through release of protein, e.g. toxins, associated with membrane...
Research area: Infection biology
Sven Bergström group
Infection and virulence properties of Borrelia spirochetes, and the role of birds in the biology and ecology of tick-transmitted zoonoses
Research area: Infection biology
Thomas Grundström Group
Control of mutagenesis and class switch recombination of antibody genes
Ulrich von Pawel-Rammingen Group
Streptococcal IgG degrading proteases: Important virulence factors and biotechnological tools
Vasili Hauryliuk Group
Ribosome-associated factors involved in stress responses and antibiotic resistance
Research area: Infection biology
Victoria Shingler
Bacterial Signal-Sensing and Integration
Yuri Schwartz
All cells of our bodies have the same genes. Yet only some of them are used in any given cell type. So-called epigenetic mechanisms ensure that...
Åke Forsberg Group
Molecular mechanism of Type III secretion systems
Research area: Infection biology
Åsa Rasmuson-Lestander Group
Gene silencing and regulation in Drosophila melanogaster

Retired professors:

  • Glenn Björk
  • Lena Gustafsson
  • Erik Lundgren
  • Marianne Rasmusson
  • Anssi Saura
  • Gunnar Selstam
  • Hans Wolf-Watz