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Rule for student influence
Type Policy document
This document describes the practical application of regulations at Umeå University relating to student influence as prescribed by laws and ordinances. This policy document is primarily for...
Responsibility and authority of managers to dispose of the univerity's funds
Type Policy document
The purpose of this rule is to clarify the rules governing which employees may dispose of the University’s funds and to explain what this financial responsibility entails. The regulations are to be...
Plan for European Union funding 2022 - 2027 
Type Policy document
This plan describes the activities Umeå University conducts to increase the scope of European Union research funding and strengthen the University’s position within the EU. In addition to the EU’s...
Template data management plan
Type Policy document
The template for data management plans at Umeå University basically follows the translation of Science Europe's core requirements for data management plans (https://www.scienceeurope.org/our-resour...
Research data policy
Type Policy document
This policy describes responsibilities and provides guidance on how Umeå University is to manage and preserve research data during the entire course of a research project from the planning stage,...
Regulation for Umeå University websites
Type Policy document
Regulation for Umeå University Websites describes what requirements Umeå University’s public websites must fulfil. A public website is a website that is searchable online. This regulation is aimed ...
Rules for written hall exams
Type Policy document
This rule is intended to promote fair exams. The rules are to be applied in both regularly scheduled exams and retakes of exams and they consist of two parts: • Rules for written hall exams (Sectio...
Rules for doctoral education at Umeå University
Type Policy document
These rules describe both national provisions and local Umeå University provisions for general syllabi and individual study plans, qualitative targets and intended learning outcomes. Furthermore,...
Local collective agreement on cooperation for development at Umeå University
Type Policy document
The aim of the agreement is that our workplaces will embody constructive dialogue, participation and a good work environment. Work environment and safety work, equality, equal treatment, skills...
Rules for administration of placements and study visits
Type Policy document
This rule describes how Umeå University administers placements and study visits. Additional information can be found in each faculty’s (and the Umeå School of Education’s) procedures for placements...
Latest update: 2023-03-08