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Procedures to support managers when handling victimisation, harassment or sexual harassment
Type Policy document
At Umeå University, managers with staff and work environment responsibilities must act without delay if they are informed of undesirable behaviour suspected to be victimisation, harassment or sexua...
Local collective agreement on cooperation for development at Umeå University
Type Policy document
The aim of the agreement is that our workplaces will embody constructive dialogue, participation and a good work environment. Work environment and safety work, equality, equal treatment, skills...
Procedures for alcohol and drugs at Umeå University
Type Policy document
The purpose of the Procedures for alcohol and drugs is to ensure an alcohol-free and drug-free work and study environment. Staff and students who exhibit signs of alcohol- or drug-related ill healt...
Rule for radiation protection
Type Policy document
This rule describes how local agencies at Umeå university must work to maintain, evaluate, and improve, the radiation protection at the local agency to comply with Swedish laws and regulations.
Decomissioning plan for facilities used for work with open radioactive sources at Umeå university
Type Policy document
This decommission plan describes the division of responsibilities and labor regarding the decommissioning of facilities at Umeå university that have been used for work involving open radioactive...
Rules for elections to Faculty Boards
Type Policy document
The following rules state the procedures for the election and appointment of members and deputy members, including the Dean and Deputy Dean, to the Faculty Boards for the period from 1 July 2021 to...
Regulation for Umeå University websites
Type Policy document
Regulation for Umeå University Websites describes what requirements Umeå University’s public websites must fulfil. A public website is a website that is searchable online. This regulation is aimed ...
Regulations for Student Influence at Umeå University
Type Policy document
These regulations for student influence are based on the notion that all activities related to education at Umeå University will be based on collaboration between the University's staff and student...
Rules for course syllabi and literature lists
Type Policy document
This document contains rules and guidelines concerning the content of course syllabi and literature lists. It also describes how to work with course syllabi and course literature in Umeå University...
Procedures for degree projects
Type Policy document
This document clarifies the procedures concerning the roles and division of responsibility for degree project courses. These procedures apply throughout Umeå University. Both faculties and...
Latest update: 2023-03-08