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Rules and procedures for processing personal data in student assignments
Type Policy document
The purpose of this document is to explain the legal issues to consider when students process personal data as part of their studies, for example when working on a thesis or other student assignmen...
Rules for unofficial documents regarding the completion of study programmes
Type Policy document
When students have fulfilled the requirements for a degree, they should request a degree certificate from the university at their own initiative. A degree certificate is the only official document...
Rules for administration of placements and study visits
Type Policy document
This rule describes how Umeå University administers placements and study visits. Additional information can be found in each faculty’s (and the Umeå School of Education’s) procedures for placements...
Regulation for first- and second-cycle study administration
Type Policy document
This regulation specifies how Umeå University administers schedules, registration, leave from studies, non-completion, giving out exams, registering of grades, publication of examination results, a...
Responsibility and authority of managers to dispose of the univerity's funds
Type Policy document
The purpose of this rule is to clarify the rules governing which employees may dispose of the University’s funds and to explain what this financial responsibility entails. The regulations are to be...
Rule for student influence
Type Policy document
This document describes the practical application of regulations at Umeå University relating to student influence as prescribed by laws and ordinances. This policy document is primarily for...
Rules for course syllabi and literature lists
Type Policy document
This document contains rules and guidelines concerning the content of course syllabi and literature lists. It also describes how to work with course syllabi and course literature in Umeå University...
Procedures for degree projects
Type Policy document
This document clarifies the procedures concerning the roles and division of responsibility for degree project courses. These procedures apply throughout Umeå University. Both faculties and...
Procedures for support for students with disabilities
Type Policy document
The procedures describe the process for applying for and receiving a decision on support, the support measures available and the University’s internal distribution of responsibility for support and...
Quality system for education
Type Policy document
Umeå University has a coherent quality system for education that is integrated into the University’s operating cycle. The quality system is based on nine activities that support, develop and...
Latest update: 2023-03-08