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Procedures for donation acceptance
Type Policy document
This document outlines the division of responsibility and process in place for the University’s work with donations of financial assets.
Procedures for external research grants
Type Policy document
These procedures are intended for departments or equivalent dealing with external research grants. The document aims to demonstrate the various stages of the procedures for external research grants...
Policy against corruption
Type Policy document
This policy clarifies how applicable legislation concerning corruption is applied at Umeå University. The policy offers guidance to staff and is intended to maintain the standards of objectivity an...
Procedures – supporting good research practice and handling suspected deviations
Type Policy document
These procedures have two purposes. The first is to determine how to organise proactive work to promote good research practice and high-quality research at Umeå University. The second is to define...
Template data management plan
Type Policy document
The template for data management plans at Umeå University basically follows the translation of Science Europe's core requirements for data management plans (https://www.scienceeurope.org/our-resour...
Admission regulations for doctoral education at Umeå University
Type Policy document
The Admission Regulations for Doctoral Education describes both national regulations and Umeå University provisions for the advertisement, application and admission to a study place aimed towards a...
Rules for doctoral education at Umeå University
Type Policy document
These rules describe both national provisions and local Umeå University provisions for general syllabi and individual study plans, qualitative targets and intended learning outcomes. Furthermore,...
Rules for mobile phone contracts
Type Policy document
This document contains the rules for managing the costs incurred for those employees whose duties require a mobile phone contract.
Environmental policy
Type Policy document
This environmental policy describes the main focus for the University’s employees and students with regard to consideration of the environment and sustainable development in the University’s...
Latest update: 2023-03-08