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Rules for course syllabi and literature lists
Type Policy document
This document contains rules and guidelines concerning the content of course syllabi and literature lists. It also describes how to work with course syllabi and course literature in Umeå University...
Procedures for degree projects
Type Policy document
This document clarifies the procedures concerning the roles and division of responsibility for degree project courses. These procedures apply throughout Umeå University. Both faculties and...
Quality system for education
Type Policy document
Umeå University has a coherent quality system for education that is integrated into the University’s operating cycle. The quality system is based on nine activities that support, develop and...
Rules for tuition fees
Type Policy document
Per the Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS 2010:543, all non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay tuition for studies at the level of higher education.
Rules for programme syllabi in first- and second-cycle education
Type Policy document
This document contains rules regarding programme syllabi drawn up at Umeå University. The purpose is to ensure a legally certain and institution-wide process for the drawing up and revision of...
Rules and procedures for processing personal data in student assignments
Type Policy document
The purpose of this document is to explain the legal issues to consider when students process personal data as part of their studies, for example when working on a thesis or other student assignmen...
Rules for written hall exams
Type Policy document
This rule is intended to promote fair exams. The rules are to be applied in both regularly scheduled exams and retakes of exams and they consist of two parts: • Rules for written hall exams (Sectio...
Admission regulations for doctoral education at Umeå University
Type Policy document
The Admission Regulations for Doctoral Education describes both national regulations and Umeå University provisions for the advertisement, application and admission to a study place aimed towards a...
Rules for doctoral education at Umeå University
Type Policy document
These rules describe both national provisions and local Umeå University provisions for general syllabi and individual study plans, qualitative targets and intended learning outcomes. Furthermore,...
Rules for internal purchases and sales-Employees
Type Policy document
This document regulates internal purchases and sales of Umeå University employees’ services. These rules are to be implemented for all purchases and sales of services within the University where tw...
Latest update: 2023-03-08