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Procedures for establishing, discontinuing, revise, changing the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation
Type Policy document
This procedure describes the process to establish, discontinue and change the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation at Umeå University. The purpose of the procedure is to contribute ...
Procurement and purchasing
Type Policy document
This rule sets out how procurement and purchasing at Umeå University is to be carried out based on the applicable acts, ordinances and directives, as well as the needs and objectives of the activit...
Salary policy
Type Policy document
Umeå University shall have a cohesive, joint salary policy for all the university’s employees – we are a single employer. The salary policy is part of Umeå University’s human resources policy and i...
Procedures - disciplinary cases
Type Policy document
The purpose of these Administrative Procedures is to clarify the rules for, and the handling of, disciplinary cases within the educational programme at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at the...
Internationalisation policy
Type Policy document
Internationalisation policy for Umeå University.
Rules for business entertainment
Type Policy document
This policy document contains a summary of the rules that apply to business entertainment at Umeå University. The basic principle in Sweden’s tax legislation is that benefits provided by the employ...
Rules for reporting secondary employment for teachers and employees covered by the Managerial Agreement
Type Policy document
Secondary employment is an important part of teachers' interaction with society, but it should also be clear that these secondary employments must be properly managed. The general public should fee...
Rules for business travel at Umeå University
Type Policy document
Rules for business travel at Umeå University specify the process for planning, ordering and paying for business trips. The rules also include information about insurance coverage for business trips...
Work environment and equal opportunities policy
Type Policy document
The Work environment and equal opportunities policy aims to provide guidelines for the work environment strivings and should overall describe the working conditions and work environment in the...
Rules for gender equality in decision-making and advisory bodies
Type Policy document
These rules stipulate how gender equality is to be observed when the University nominates individuals for prizes and when appointing and proposing individuals to represent the University. The polic...
Latest update: 2023-03-08