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IT Security Plan
Type Policy document
Security in the use of the University’s IT resources
Rule for crisis management
Type Policy document
This policy document defines Umeå University’s organisation and division of responsibility for crisis preparedness and crisis management.
Instructions for gases, flammable products and pressurised equipment
Type Policy document
These instructions specify how gases, flammable products and pressurised equipment must be handled.
Rule for purchasing radioactive sources
Type Policy document
This rule describes what is needed to comply with Swedish laws and the regulations from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority when purchasing radioactive sources. This document also describes the...
Rule for the disposal of documents of a temporary or minor nature
Type Policy document
This rule intends to encompass the official documents handled by the University but that are not part of a specific process and have a temporary or minor significance.
Administrative Procedures for Status as Affiliated Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Type Policy document
This Administrative Procedures describes the forms and processes of appointment, as well as the authorities, for person with status as Affiliated Professor Emeritus or Emerita at Umeå University
Rules for reporting secondary employment for teachers and employees covered by the Managerial Agreement
Type Policy document
Secondary employment is an important part of teachers' interaction with society, but it should also be clear that these secondary employments must be properly managed. The general public should fee...
Salary policy
Type Policy document
Umeå University shall have a cohesive, joint salary policy for all the university’s employees – we are a single employer. The salary policy is part of Umeå University’s human resources policy and i...
Rules for business trips at Umeå University
Type Policy document
Rules for business trips at Umeå University state how business trips at Umeå University are to be planned, ordered and paid for. The rules for business trips at Umeå University also contain...
Rule – remuneration and compensation for the University’s steering committees, committees, councils and boards
Type Policy document
These rules are intended to establish levels and conditions for payments to participants in various University bodies. They apply to both internal and external members.
Latest update: 2023-03-08