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Work environment and equal opportunities policy
Type Policy document
The Work environment and equal opportunities policy aims to provide guidelines for the work environment strivings and should overall describe the working conditions and work environment in the...
Language Policy for Umeå University
Type Policy document
Language and communication are matters of quality and credibility in the operation of Umeå University. The purpose of the Language Policy is to increase awareness of the importance of language and...
Procedures for establishing, discontinuing, revise, changing the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation
Type Policy document
This procedure describes the process to establish, discontinue and change the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation at Umeå University. The purpose of the procedure is to contribute ...
Gender mainstreaming strategy 2022-2025
Type Policy document
This document describes the strategy for the work on gender mainstreaming. Umeå University’s vision includes a clear ambition to ensure that gender equality permeates the entire organisation and fo...
Rules for grades and examination
Type Policy document
This regulation aims to clarify and legally secure grading and examination at Umeå University. The document includes rules and procedures for examiners, grades, compulsory educational modules,...
Threshold amount for accounting of fixed assets
Type Policy document
The following threshold amounts apply for: Tangible assets: SEK 30 000. Intangible assets: SEK 300 000. New construction/extensions/remodelling of someone else’s property: SEK 300 000. Repairs/main...
Procedures - disciplinary cases
Type Policy document
The purpose of these Administrative Procedures is to clarify the rules for, and the handling of, disciplinary cases within the educational programme at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at the...
Action plan - climate and sustainability 2024-2026
Type Policy document
This action plan contains university-wide objectives and activities for the University’s climate and sustainability work during the period 2024–2026. The plan is part of the University’s systematic...
Procedures for managing suspected improprities
Type Policy document
This procedure is intended to ensure prompt and fair handling of suspected improprieties in cases that lack policy documents or approved procedures that regulate how to handle the situation. The...
Strategic plan for Umeå University 2023–2025
Type Policy document
This document contains the strategic plan for Umeå University for the period 2023–2025, including themes and focus areas and the learning outcomes or results to be achieved (indicators). The purpos...
Latest update: 2023-03-08