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Rules for grades and examination
Type Policy document
This regulation aims to clarify and legally secure grading and examination at Umeå University. The document includes rules and procedures for examiners, grades, compulsory educational modules,...
Administrative Procedures for Status as Affiliated Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Type Policy document
This Administrative Procedures describes the forms and processes of appointment, as well as the authorities, for person with status as Affiliated Professor Emeritus or Emerita at Umeå University
Procedures for establishing, discontinuing, revise, changing the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation
Type Policy document
This procedure describes the process to establish, discontinue and change the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation at Umeå University. The purpose of the procedure is to contribute ...
Rules for gender equality in decision-making and advisory bodies
Type Policy document
These rules stipulate how gender equality is to be observed when the University nominates individuals for prizes and when appointing and proposing individuals to represent the University. The polic...
Budget 2024 for umeå university including financial plan 2025–2026
Type Policy document
This document constitutes the University Board’s approval on the 2024 budget for Umeå University and the financial plan for 2025–2026.
Latest update: 2023-03-08