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Work environment and equal opportunities policy
Type Policy document
The Work Environment and Equal Opportunities Policy aims to provide guidelines for the work environment strivings and should overall describe the working conditions and work environment in the...
Procedures for establishing, discontinuing, revise, changing the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation
Type Policy document
This procedure describes the process to establish, discontinue and change the name of a third-cycle subject area or specialisation at Umeå University. The purpose of the procedure is to contribute ...
Regulation for environmental and sustainability work
Type Policy document
This regulation, which is aimed at both managers and employees, describes the process for Umeå University’s systematic environmental management and sustainability work. The regulation shall meet th...
Rules for grades and examination
Type Policy document
This regulation aims to clarify and legally secure grading and examination at Umeå University. The document includes rules and procedures for examiners, grades, compulsory educational modules,...
Administrative procedures - disciplinary matters
Type Policy document
The purpose of these Administrative Procedures is to clarify the rules for, and the handling of, disciplinary cases within the educational programme at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels at the...
Rules for financial management
Type Policy document
This document describes the main principles of financial management at Umeå University, as well as managers’ responsibility and authority in financial matters. They also detail what the...
Latest update: 2023-03-08