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Environmental policy
Type Policy document
This environmental policy describes the main focus for the University’s employees and students with regard to consideration of the environment and sustainable development in the University’s...
Radiation Protection Organisation at Umeå University
Type Policy document
This document describes the Radiation Protection Organization at Umeå University. It describes the division of responsibilities and labor regarding the radiation protection. This document is a part...
Decomissioning plan for facilities used for work with open radioactive sources at Umeå university
Type Policy document
This decommission plan describes the division of responsibilities and labor regarding the decommissioning of facilities at Umeå university that have been used for work involving open radioactive...
Rule for radiation protection
Type Policy document
This rule describes how local agencies at Umeå university must work to maintain, evaluate, and improve, the radiation protection at the local agency to comply with Swedish laws and regulations.
Safety policy
Type Policy document
This policy describes the main focus with regard to safety work for Umeå University. The policy covers employees and organisational operations at the University, as well as service providers,...
Procedures for strategic products
Type Policy document
This procedure describes roles and responsibilities and the manner in which the University’s organisation is to work with non-proliferation and export controls on military equipment and dual-use...
Procedures – supporting good research practice and handling suspected deviations
Type Policy document
These procedures have two purposes. The first is to determine how to organise proactive work to promote good research practice and high-quality research at Umeå University. The second is to define...
Rules for gender equality in decision-making and advisory bodies
Type Policy document
These rules stipulate how gender equality is to be observed when the University nominates individuals for prizes and when appointing and proposing individuals to represent the University. The polic...
Gender mainstreaming strategy 2022-2025
Type Policy document
This document describes the strategy for the work on gender mainstreaming. Umeå University’s vision includes a clear ambition to ensure that gender equality permeates the entire organisation and fo...
Action plan - climate and sustainability 2024-2026
Type Policy document
This action plan contains university-wide objectives and activities for the University’s climate and sustainability work during the period 2024–2026. The plan is part of the University’s systematic...
Latest update: 2023-03-08