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Professional and career development policy
Type Policy document
The aim of this policy is to institutionalise a long-term, structured and strategic approach to professional and career development; strengthen the University’s ability to develop and respond to...
Safety policy
Type Policy document
This policy describes the main focus with regard to safety work for Umeå University. The policy covers employees and organisational operations at the University, as well as service providers,...
Research data policy
Type Policy document
This policy describes responsibilities and provides guidance on how Umeå University is to manage and preserve research data during the entire course of a research project from the planning stage,...
Internationalisation policy
Type Policy document
Internationalisation policy for Umeå University.
Strategic plan for Umeå University 2023–2025
Type Policy document
This document contains the strategic plan for Umeå University for the period 2023–2025, including themes and focus areas and the learning outcomes or results to be achieved (indicators). The purpos...
Action plan for climate and sustainability 2021-2023
Type Policy document
This document contains targeted goals and overall activities for Umeå University's environmental sustainability work for 2021–2023 with the aim set for 2030. The action plan emphasises environmenta...
Code of rules and procedures for housing coordination
Type Policy document
Umeå University is recruiting and inviting international students and international staff and visiting research fellows, which sets demands on the university to be able to offer housing to these...
Rules for gender equality in decision-making and advisory bodies
Type Policy document
These rules stipulate how gender equality is to be observed when the University nominates individuals for prizes and when appointing and proposing individuals to represent the University. The polic...
Plan for EU funding 2022–2027
Type Policy document
Umeå University's vision of having a strong position, internationally, nationally and regionally, presupposes that the university is an actor to be reckoned with in the European arena and has a...
Open Access Policy for scientific publishing at Umeå University
Type Policy document
Umeå University promotes making all published research outputs free of all restrictions on access as far as possible. This according to the 2013 Berlin Declaration on Open Access signed by the...
Latest update: 2023-03-08