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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 15 April 2021)


Department of Education


Ann-Louise Silfver

I am a senior lecturer in Education. My main research  and teaching interests are global knowledge relations and  processes of gendered socialisation in families and work life.

Ann-Marie Smeds

Works 50% with administration of courses in pedagogy, Sport prog BIT-prog, internat. courses. Contact info can be found under the presentation below

Anna Aggestål

In parallel with teaching, I am a doctoral student and my own research aims to investigate how public health is understood within the Swedish sports movement.

Anna Frohm
Anna Westin
Annika Johansson

I work as a Senior Lecturer and teach and research primarily in sport science. I also teach at the Basic Training Programme for Police Officers.

Björn Norlin

Björn Norlin is Senior Lecturer in Education and Associate professor of History and Education.

Carina Holmgren
Cecilia Stenling

My teaching, supervision and research is focused on organising, organisations and governance, particularly within the context of sport, but also in the general working-life. 

Christina Segerholm

I was a pre-school teacher, and is now employed as a professor in education. My research interests are education policy and evaluation. I teach at all levels.

Daniel Sanden
Elinor Adenling
Emma Lind
Eva Leffler

I work as Associate professor at the Department of Education and teach and research primarily in school development.

Eva Silfver

I am a professor of pedagogy with specialization in special education. My research interests mostly concern how power and power relations are expressed in education.

Fanny Pettersson
Frida Grimm

PhD student at the Department of Education. My research interest is ´teacher leadership´ with focus on Swedish ´first teachers´ and their leadership. 

Gerd Pettersson
Gunilla Näsström
Henrik Åström Elmersjö

Associate professor of history and education.

Inger Eliasson

I work as Associate Professor in Education. My research area - child and youth sport. I teach in sport programs (Sport Science Program and Physical Education programs) and in education.

Jenny Dufweke

I work as study counsellor at the Department of Education.

Jenny Svender
Johan Edin

I am a doctoral student in the Department of Education. My research focuses on special educational settings, learning organizations and organizational learning.

Johan Hansson
Johan Örestig

Ph.D. in Sociology with a broad interest in Social Science and Social theory including health inequality, social movements and evolutionary theory.

Johanna Olsson

I administrate courses at Umeå School of Education that the Departement offers. This includes registration of students and credits. Contact details under Presentation below. 

Josef Fahlén

I work as Associate Professor at the Department of Education. In doing so, I teach undergraduate courses, supervise doctoral students and conduct research within sport pedagogy / sport management.

Josef Siljebo
Josefin Ånger
Jörgen From

I am an associate professor, and my research interest is in the field of learning and ICT.

Karoline Schnaider

I will conduct my doctor's degree within the field of digital technologies in education in GRADE research school,

Kent Löfgren

My name is Kent Löfgren and I work as a lecturer at the Department of Education.

Kim Wickman

My interests are identity constructions and power relations within the field of sport and special education with particular reference to, ability, disability, gender and equality.

Kristina Ledman
Lena Lejon
Limin Gu

I am associate professor at the Department of Education. My main research interest is home-school collaboration and the use of ICT in different educational settings.

Lina Spjut
Magnus Ferry

I work as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Education. In doing so, I teach undergraduate courses, supervise doctoral students and conduct research within the fields of sport pedagogy.

Malin Järnskoog
Maria Johansson
Maria Lindfors
Mikaela Nyroos

I'm an associate professor in education with a broad educational and professional background: education policy, behavioural science, child and adolescent psychiatry, sports and health, maths.

Moa Eirell
Monica Liljeström

I belong to the Educational Institution's Research Area Learning and ICT (LIKT) and my teaching assignments are currently mainly in courses in our online-based education.

Monika Diehl
Ola Lindberg

I work as associate professor and as director of studies at the department. My research interests mostly concern professional learning and professional education.

Ola Lindberg

I work as professor in education. My main research area is learning and ICT.

Oscar Rantatalo

I am an associate professor in education, with a special interest in working life, organizational education and policing

Peter Bergström
Peter Åström
Robert Holmgren
Sara Engvall
Simon Skog

I'm a PhD at the Department of Education. My research area is practice-based research about synchronous online learning and didactics. 

Simon Wolming

I work as an Associate Professor at the Department of Education. Currently I have a position as the Head of the department.

Staffan Karp

I hold a position as Associate Professor in Education. My main research interests are socialization in sports for children and youth and inertia and change in sport systems and in the police.

Thomas Bäck
Tomas Holmgren

I mainly teach in courses within the Faculty of social sciences, and in addition, I have the position of Pedagogical leader.

Tor Söderström

My research interests include learning and development in sports and computer simulation training and the development of professional knowledge in police education.


Torbjörn Lindmark

I am appointed as excellent teacher and work as a educational leader at courses in teacher education. My research interests are within social science didactics and curriculum theory.

Tord Göran Olovsson

I work as a teacher and researcher.  At the moment, my research interests mostly concern didactic issues in social studies, and assessment and grading in compulsory school.

Ulrika Haake

Head of Umeå School of Sport Science, Director of doctoral studies in Education, Leads one of the research areas of the Department of Education: Leadership, Organization and Working Life (LOA).

Ulrika Sahlén
Ulrika Widding

I am Associate Professor. My research interests are norms and ideals associated to parenthood, family life and parenting support. Analytical tools are mainly from critical discursive psychology

Åsa Löfqvist