Experience Umeå

Umeå, located in the north of Sweden, is a mid-sized Swedish town with around 120,000 inhabitants. Here, nature always serves as an inspiration, with a sun that barely sets in the summer and cold snowy winters.

Umeå is not only the largest city in northern Sweden, but also one of the country's fastest growing cities. It is a vibrant city with a young population that encourages free-thinking and open-mindedness.

Umeå was the European Capital of Culture in 2014, and has a vivid music-, theatre- and art scene.

From long warm summer nights when the sun shines almost 24 hours a day to the Nordic winters when the famous northern lights shimmer in the skies above, the city of Umeå is truly is a city of contrasts.

Whether you prefer hiking in the rugged, unspoilt countryside where reindeer and elk still roam freely, or feel more at home in the centre of one of Sweden’s leading cultural and culinary cities, Umeå will challenge you with its endless possibilities.

"Umeå is home to a lot of culture, including alternative and progressive thinking, so I think it is a great place for a school like UID to be at. What could distract you less from your studies than a long dark and cold winter"

Camilla Näsholm, Product Designer at Kivra & UID alumna

This is Umeå!

Catch a glimpse of Umeå, a city of contrasts. From snowy winters to sunny summer days, from the coast and sea to the deep forests; from the vibrant city life to quiet auroral nights. 


  • Umeå was selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2014.
  • The city has 168 football pitches (fields), 61 running tracks, 25 tennis courts, three golf courses, 38 swimming areas and all within a short journey of the city centre!
  • Umeå is the home of northern Europe’s largest sport and fitness facility (IKSU), located next to the main campus.
  • Umeå University prioritizes groundbreaking research into areas such as design, life sciences, biology, human technology, social welfare and ecology.
  • Umeå University’s campus is the size of 28 football pitches and more than 40 nationalities are represented among students and staff.
  • Umeå is situated in the county Västerbotten with the lowest crime rate in Sweden.
  • There are around 36 000 students in Umeå – making it a fun, sociable and creative place to live and study.

Latest update: 2022-04-14