Student life

Experience a close-knit community that embraces ingenuity, diversity, values critical thinking and encourages self-discovery.

At Umeå Institute of Design, we work together to create an inclusive and supportive environment. We put people first, not only in our design thinking, but in the day-to-day life.

The small classes and the familiar atmosphere fosters a collective spirit, across programmes. Staff and students alike share a joint sense of purpose to make a difference, through design.

As a UID student, you and your peers will be studying at the Arts Campus, situated at the heart of Umeå's creative scene

Your first months as a student are not just about getting a good start to your academic career, it's also about engaging in the student social life and creating a memorable experience.

New at UID

Everything you need to know and do before you start your studies at Umeå Institute of Design

Finding Accommodation

Are you a new student at UID? Secure a place to live in Umeå, understand what type of housing is right for you.

Student organisations

Being a part of a student union or association is one of the ways you can make your studies at Umeå University more rewarding and fun!

Study abroad

Are you a UID student considering studying at one of our partner schools? We have a strong tradition facilitating exchange studies for our students.

Latest update: 2022-11-30