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Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Design

The BFA Programme in Industrial Design provides young designers with the tools to tackle the real-world challenges facing our global society. We urge young designers to pose the question: Could things be different?

The BFA programme in Industrial Design is held in Swedish. Please, visit the Swedish website for further information on how to apply.

What does an industrial designer do?

An industrial designer works with developing products and services where the user is not a single, identified person. The purpose is, many times, to solve, enable or satisfy a need or a wish. The product or service should ideally also satisfy a need seen from a market or production perspective.

Industrial design involves complex tasks with multiple entry points and perspectives. Sustainability (social, ecological and economic), production choices, emotional needs, business strategies, use, and quality of life are just a few of the aspects. Therefore, it is vital for any young designer to develop a holistic method and approach.

About the education

In the BFA programme, we work with the basic "trinity" of person, product/service and context. In applied projects, students are exposed to working in a very realistic setting.

The programme's educational aim is for students to form their own creative design process, with a starting point in the Swedish user-centered design tradition. UID offers cutting-edge facilities and technologies, available 24/7 to all students. Throughout the education, students are supported in exploring areas within design that they consider most rewarding towards their individual development.

The school aims to create an open and familial atmosphere in student groups, in order to establish an environment that supports creative activity. In addition, the international student body at UID provides a multicultural learning environment. The open and diverse atmosphere also includes the UID staff and faculty, external tutors from the design profession and our network of collaborating companies and alumni.

Exchange studies

The BFA Programme in Industrial Design is open to exchange students on a one-term basis. For exchange studies, all courses are run in English. For more information on how to aply, please visit the website for exhange studies at UID.


Latest update: 2024-04-08