Student organisations

Being a part of a student union or association is one of the ways you can make your studies at Umeå University more rewarding and fun! Student unions work towards improving the quality of your education and creating a fun leisure time, while student associations connect people with a common interest.

Ställverket is UID's student section within the Umeå Student Union of Nature and Technology (NTK) of Umeå University. The section consists of those who have paid their NTK student membership fee and who study within one of the study programmes or one-year courses at Umeå Institute of Design.

About Ställverket

Through Ställverket, student representatives are elected for the UID Department Board and other strategic working groups at UID. The student representatives take part in the work groups to help develop the school, and to contribute with the students' perspective. The student representatives do not only represent themselves or their class, but all students at UID. In order for them to do so, all UID students should actively aid them with input and issues to bring up at the different group meetings. Ställverket is religiously neutral and politically free.

Ställverket works towards/with:

1. Improving and developing the quality of the educational courses and programmes.
2. A social and friendly studying environment for the students.
3. Monitoring of national/international questions that are important for the students' education.
4. Marketing the members and their education.

About NTK Student Union

NTK Umeå Science and Technology is the union of all technology, science, architect and design students at Umeå University. Their vision is that your education and your study time shall exceed everyone’s expectations. To achieve this they represent the members’ interests on all levels of the University. The member fee is 430 SEK per year or 280 SEK per semester.

You could benefit from the membership in the following ways:

1. A chance to make your voice heard
2. Cheaper entrance at the Student Union House Origo and the possibility to visit the other student pubs on Campus
3. Discounts on membership at the sports center IKSU
4. Travel discounts
5. Local discounts at shops, cafés and restaurants

Visit the NTK Student Union website

Latest update: 2022-04-13