Umeå Institute of Design offers a one-year course package - Artistic Foundation in Design - as well as a a number of single subject courses within industrial design and related disciplines.

The majority of single-subject courses at UID are held in Swedish. Please, visit the Swedish website for further information on how to apply.

Most courses offered at UID span 5-10 weeks. Some are given within other programmes at Umeå University, others are given as single subject courses in design and related areas. Currently, the only courses we offer in English is Cognitive Design (carrried out during the spring term), Life Drawing and Conceptual Product Solutions.

Cognitive Design

The course gives an overview of interaction design and its role in industrial design and product development. The aim of the course is to give a basic insight into interaction design and highlighting of the possibilities for cooperation between interaction designers and cognitive scientists. The processes and work methods used in industrial design and interaction design are introduced, and applied in a project that runs throughout the course.

Life Drawing 1

The aim of the course is to train the ability to see and express forms by practicing drawing of a life model. Basis for the course is to work with the vision as foundation for drawing.

Focus for the course, in addition to perception and cognitive processes, are shape, volume, balance, weight, spatiality and movement through exercises in sketching technique to reproduce the body as a whole, proportions and structure in relation to image construction. Specific methods and concepts for the area are also introduced during the course.


The wide variety of course subjects offered allows different student categories to broaden their skills through design methodology, and to specialise their skills within certain parts within the field of design. Design methodologies developed within the areas of problem analysis, generating ideas, visualisation and presenting can be applied to a broad set of contexts, and are often helpful in other fields than design.


All single subject course applications are made via Applications are due around April 15, for autumn courses, and October 15, for spring term courses. None of the single-subject courses require work samples in the application process.

Latest update: 2022-04-27