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PhD programme in Industrial Design

Through the research education at UID, designers build advanced skills in crafting practical, theoretical and methodological research contributions to the field of design that will shape the discipline for decades to come.

The PhD Programme in Industrial Design aims to educate design researchers in terms of both width and depth. A broad understanding of design is offered through a set of mandatory courses in design research methodology, history, philosophy and user-centred design, as well as more general courses in philosophy of science, ethics and pedagogics. Depth is ensured in the education as two-thirds of the four-year programme is completely tailored to each individual student, catering for significant specialisation and expertise in specific areas of design.

The research education at UID is about understanding and extending the present and future foundations of design research and practice

The PhD programme comprises 240 ECTS-credits, and equals four years of full-time studies. Since many PhD students at UID dedicate 80% of their employment to their studies and 20% to teaching or other departemental work, the time is often extended to five years. PhD students do not pay any tuition fees, and are employed by Umeå University during their 4-year PhD education.

All PhD students have their work places at UID, in the Research Studio, together with UID staff engaged in research and subject development work. Each PhD student has a main supervisor at UID, as well as a secondary supervisor. Some PhD students also have external supervisors with specific professional or academic competence in their area of research.

Current PhD projects

Aditya Pawar
Aditya Pawar

Design for Social Innovation

Anja Neidhardt
Anja Neidhardt

Feminist Tactics as Means to Re-Design Design

Designing for Diversity
Catharina Henje

Designing for Diversity

Monica Lindh Karlsson
Monica Lindh Karlsson

Conceptualization of Contemporary Design Doing

Pamela Gil-Salas
Pamela Gil-Salas

Designing Mechanisms for Public Deliberation on Data Use

Rob Collins
Rob Collins

Designing for contestable systems

Seda Özçetin
Seda Özçetin

Designing Alternatives for the Terms of Service (ToS)

Previous PhD Projects

Nicholas Torretta
Moving decolonially in design for sustainabilities: spaces, rhythms, rituals, celebrations, conflicts (2022) more»

Maria Göransdotter
Transitional Design Histories (2020) more»

Søren Rosenbak
The science of imagining solutions: Design becoming conscious of itself through design (2019) more»

Christoffel Kuenen
The Aesthetics of Being Together (2018) more»

Rouien Zarin
Faster. Stronger. Better? Designing for Enhanced Engagement of Extreme Sports (2017) more»

Lorenzo Davoli
Transtructures: Prototyping transitional practices for the design of postindustrial infrastructures (2016) more»

Tara Mullaney
Thinking beyond the Cure: Experience Design and Healthcare (2016) more»

Guido Hermans
Opening Up Design: Engaging the Layperson in the Design of Everyday Products
(2015) more»

Camille Moussette
Simple Haptics: Sketching Perspectives for the Design of Haptic Interactions (2012) more»

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