Since its inception in 1989, UID has gained a reputation as a dynamic environment offering exceptional possibilities for creative studies. The school is located at the heart of Umeå Arts Campus, housed in a carefully renovated industrial building with large spaces and even larger streams of light.

Whether it's a weekend, day or night, all UID:ers have access to school. Key equipment within the facilities include 3D-printers, laser cutters, milling machines, painting rooms and much more. The cutting-edge digital infrastructure with multiple computer labs and studios allow students to master 3D-modelling, digital sketching, electronic prototyping and programming.

At UID, students are given access to wood-, clay-, metal-, and interaction workshops 24/7

At the heart of the school is the 'Project Studio', where events, exhibitions and the yearly degree show is hosted. Additional facilities include a photo studio, an art studio, a library, meeting and seminar rooms and an auditorium with 120 seats. Within the premises there is also a typical Swedish sauna and a student kitchen.

"The school has such amazing facilities and resources that are available to the students 24/7. Because you spend so much time at school you end up developing strong bonds with your fellow students. It feels like a home."

Alberto Villarreal, Design Director at Tonal & UID alumnus

 Workshops & Labs

Assembly Workshop

Umeå Institute of Design provides all our students with a world-class 'Assembly Workshop' where they can can assemble their work and put the finishing touch to their design concepts.

Clay Workshop

The 'Clay Workshop' provides students with all appropriate tools in order to experiment with shaping clay models of all sizes.

Computer Labs

UID has comprehensive computer facilities. The school houses three computer labs as well as a range of peripherals such as scanners, DVD-recorders, colour printers, plotters, etc. All students have access to high-speed internet and their own university e-mail address.

In the CAD labs we have workstations equipped with a range of Alias|Wavefront software such as AutoStudio and Maya as well as other 2D graphics software. The work stations are linked to a large NC Milling Machine, and a Rapid Prototype Machine.

UID is also connected to the Virtual Reality Lab at the University Campus.

Interaction Lab

The purpose of the 'Interaction Lab' is to support activities where students and researchers need to explore and build interactions. Students are able to learn and refine their skills in electronics, interactive devices, and programming. They can use state-of-the art products/systems to discover new interaction paradigms, or combine bits and pieces to bring new ideas to life.

We encourage students to develop their understanding of prototyping activities by learning how to build semi- or fully functional prototypes, but most importantly why and how it all fits in the design process. The facilities offer gadgets, machines and components to create "experiences" on-demand.

The 'Interaction Lab' is a natural companion to the traditional labs and workshops; wood, metal, clay, etc. It is the perfect breeding ground for a new generation of industrial and interaction design projects.

Metal Workshop

The machines in the metal workshop can be used for steel, aluminium, polyurethane and other plastic materials employed in model making. Lathes and milling machines are available. We also have welding equipment, bending machines, grinders and cutting machines.

Wood Workshop

The Wood Workshop provides a complete facility including circular saws, milling machines, band saws etc. The students use different materials such as wood, particle board, Styrofoam, acrylics and Cibatool.

NC Milling 

Preparation and production of geometrical models are milled by the lecturers and the technical facilities manager at the institute in an NC Milling Machine. The NC Milling Machine operates different Polyurethane materials, modelling clay and can interpolate in three axes.

Rapid Prototyping

The Rapid Prototyping machines produces free-form models in plaster or acrylic material up to 180 x 180 x 240 mm.

Project Studio

The project studio is used for large-scale project presentations, discussions and numerous other events.

Student Studios

Each student at Umeå Institute of Design has an individual work station, in a shared studio, which the student keeps throughout the whole year. In that way, students have the possibility to feel comfortable and concentrate on their own work but still cooperate with their colleagues and be part of the creative community at the school. UID provides a height adjustable desk, office chair, storage unit, shelf and desk light.

Photo Studio

The photo studio is available for UID students and staff.

Arts Campus Library

UID students and staff can borrow material for use on the school premises. Books, journals, magazines and additional inspiration material, not classified as reference literature, can be borrowed.

Here's a map to the Arts Campus Library

Check out the main library here: Main University Library


There are several teaching rooms of different sizes and set-ups at UID, that are used in education. All have the possibility to be set up in traditional lecture formats, but are flexible in how they can be used and set up.

Red room
20 seats, with writing boards, and 5 fold-able tables on wheels. Projector, whiteboard and loudspeakers.

Green room
60 seats, with writing boards, and 15 fold-able tables. Projector, whiteboards and loudspeakers.

Blue room
25 seats, with writing boards. Projector, whiteboard. Foldable wall towards Yellow room, can be opened for combining the rooms.

Yellow room
20 seats, 6 tables. Projector, whiteboard + whiteboard on wheels. Foldable wall towards Blue room, can be opened for combining the rooms.

White room
25 seats, 8 tables. Whiteboard, blackboard. 3 smaller whiteboards.

Black room
20 seats with writing board. 6 high chairs and high table. 7 bean bags. Carpeted floor in half of the room. 2 whiteboards.

Rainbow room
16 seats, 8 tables.



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