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Staff at the Department of Clinical Microbiology


Anders Johansson, senior lecturer/senior physician
Anders Sjöstedt, professor/chief physician
Andy Dernstedt, postgraduate student
Anna Överby Wernstedt, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Annasara Lenman, senior research engineer
Anne Israelsson, laboratory technician
Annika Allard, other position, senior lecturer, adjunct
Athar Alam, other position, senior research assistant
Birgitta Sundström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Carlos Nunez Otero, postgraduate student
Cecilia Springer Engdahl, postdoctor (absent), postdoctor
Clas Ahlm, professor/chief physician
Constantin Urban, senior lecturer (associate professor)
David Persson, senior research engineer
Ebba Rosendal, postgraduate student
Emma Honkala, laboratory technician
Emma Nilsson, senior research engineer
Fredrik Elgh, professor/chief physician
Gisa Gerold, lecturer, visiting

Virus entry into cells: host protein networks guiding virus infection and how we can block them

Helena Lindgren, senior research engineer
Hui Jiang, senior research engineer
Ida Yngberg, project assistant
Igor Golovlev, senior research engineer
Ingrid Uneklint, project assistant
Ivan Nagaev, senior research engineer
Jan Olsson, senior research engineer
Jeanette Bröms, senior research engineer
Johan Normark, physician, senior lecturer/spec physician comb w o employm
Kwon Yongdae, senior research engineer
Lars Frängsmyr, senior research engineer
Lena Lindgren, research engineer
Lifeng Liu, postdoctoral position, postdoctor
Lucas Unger, scholarship, project assistant
Madelene Jakobsson, other position, project assistant
Maja Ingo, administrator, department
Maria Brohlin, senior lecturer (associate professor), clinical
Marta Bally, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor) (absent)
Mattias Forsell, research fellow (assistant professor) (absent), senior lecturer (associate professor)
Micael Widerström, senior lecturer/senior physician
Michaela Annemann, other position, postdoctor (absent)
Miriam Becker, postdoctoral position, postdoctor
Mårten Strand, other position, senior research engineer
Naresh Chandra, postgraduate student, mc
Nasibeh Mohammadi, postgraduate student
Niklas Arnberg, professor

Virus-host cell interactions: implications for tropism, treatment, and targeting

Nitesh Mistry, senior research engineer
Olga Nagaeva, project assistant
Olivia Wesula Lwande, senior research engineer (absent)
Patrik Wallström, administrator, administrator, study
Patrycja Swacha, project assistant
Per Lindqvist, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Sarita Nordström, administrator, study (absent)
Sofie Degerman, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Victoria Heldestad, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Åsa Gylfe, assistant professor, specialist physician