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Department of Clinical Microbiology


Alfred Wennemo

I am a PhD student in Annasara Lenman’s lab. My research focus on trying to understand the role of hyaluronic acid during and after infection with Puumala virus.

Amanda Lappalainen

I am a PhD student in Anna Överby's lab that aims to discover how Tick-borne encephalitids virus (TBEV) is capable of overcomming the host defenses and cause inflammation in the brain. 

Anders Johansson

Professor in Infectious diseases at Umeå University and Senior Consultant in Infectious diseases and in Infection prevention and control at Region Västerbotten in Sweden.

Anders Olofsson

Amyloid Fibrils and Cytotoxic Oligomers

Anders Sjöstedt

Professor in Clinical Microbiology

Senior consultant (attending) physician in Clinical Microbiology

Anna Överby Wernstedt

Professor of immunology with focus on viral infections

Annasara Lenman
Anne-Marie Connolly Fors
Athar Alam
Britta Willman
Carin Årdahl
Clas Ahlm

We study disease mechanisms in the Puumala virus infection and COVID-19, in order to understand disease mechanisms and be able to develop future treatment.

Constantin Urban

I explore innate immune responses against microbial pathogens. Our team aims to exploit new immunological insight to develop new diagnostic tools and antimicrobial therapies.

Dario Conca

I am a postdoc in Marta Bally’s group at the Department of Clinical Microbiology. My research focuses on the kinetics of the early interaction between SARS-CoV-2 and the cell surface.

Dominik Fischer
Elin Hahlin

PhD in Niklas Arnberg's group. Her research focus on enteric viruses.

Emelie Backman

My research is on host-pathogen interactions under hypoxic conditions and neutrophil responses in COVID-19.

Emma Honkala
Emma Nilsson
Emma Renman
Fouzia Bano


Staff Scientist 

Department of Clinical Microbiology 

Fredrik Almqvist

I am a professor of organic chemistry and my research group looks for new solutions for infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. I am director of the Umeå Center for Microbial Research, UCMR.

Fredrik Elgh
Freja Fagerholm

Freja has a background as a medical doctor and ecologist, with a particular  interest in the Arctic. She is a PhD student in Infectious Disease Epidemiology in Magnus Evander’s group.

Frida Olofsson
Frida Söderlund Sundling
Girish Malagi

I am PhD student in Mattias Forsell’s group. My doctoral study will focus on the dynamics of B cells after viral infection and vaccination.

Gisa Gerold

Virus entry into cells: host protein networks guiding virus infection and how we can block them

Hadrien Gourlé

I am a postdoc in Laura Carroll research group.

Hanna Jerndal

Hanna Jerndal is a medical doctor working in Anne-Marie Fors Connolly’s group. Her work is focusing on complications to COVID-19 in both register based and clinical cohort studies.

Hudson Pace
Igor Golovlev
Ingrid Söderbergh

I work as a research coordinator at Umeå Centre of Microbial Research, UCMR.


Jan Olsson
Jeanette Bröms

Associate Professor of Biomedical Laboratory Science

Docent in Medical Microbiology

Jennie Walker

Department administrator at Department of Clinical microbiology.

Jenny Eliasson
Jenny Gardfjäll
Johan Normark

I´m an infectious diseases clinician and associate professor at the university. My research experience is in host immunological and metabolomic responses to acute infections and vaccination.

Johan Rasmuson
Josefin Blom

I am a PhD student in Laura Carroll’s group. My research focuses on the annotation and clustering of biosynthetic gene clusters from various microbiomes.

Joudy Malla
Julia Wigren Byström
Katarina Danskog
Kjell Eneslätt
Kristina Lejon

Professor of Immunology

Deputy Dean of Medical Faculty

Kristina Thelin

Study administrator at Department of Clinical Microbiology

Doctoral education administrator

Kwon Yongdae
Lars Frängsmyr
Laura Carroll

Assistant university lecturer

Lena Lindgren
Lena Richardt

HR administrator 


Lifeng Liu

Lifeng Liu


Staff Scientist

Department of Clinical Microbiology

Orcid: 0000-0003-2187-8202

Linnea Vikström

I am a PhD student in Mattias Forsell's research group at the Department of Clinical Microbiology. My research focuses on the adaptive immune system after infection and vaccination.

Magnus Evander

Professor in Virology. Research mainly on zoonotic viruses and work with studying how they infect and develop antiviral drugs

Maria Brohlin
Marie Lindgren
Marie Peters

Marie is a PhD student in Anna Överby’s group. Her research focuses on identifying and understanding the role of cellular proteins in the flavivirus life cycle.

I am Senior Professor and Principal Investigator for a a national multicenter study on biomarkers in colorectal cancer predicting risk for recurrence after curative surgery, the COLONODE-study.

Marta Bally

Associate Professor of Virology

Deputy Director of the Umeå Center for Microbial Research, UCMR.

Mattias Forsell

We characterize how human B cells in circulation and tissues are affected by underlying disease.

Maud Mutsaers

PhD student in the Olivia Wesula Lwande lab. Maud studies the vector competence of mosquitoes for different mosquito-borne diseases, for example O’nyong-nyong virus and Usutu virus.

Md. Koushikul Islam
Micael Widerström

Micael is a associate professor in clinical microbiology at Umeå University and a Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases. 

Mikaela Lagerqvist
Moa Wennberg
Mårten Strand
Nadeem Ullah

I’m a postdoctoral research fellow in Constantin Urban’s group at the Department of Clinical Microbiology. My research mainly focuses on Nutritional Immunity applied by neutrophils.

Niklas Arnberg

Virus-host cell interactions: implications for tropism, treatment, and targeting

Nitesh Mistry
Nora Lehotai

Communications officer and project coordinator for at The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden, MIMS, and communications officer for the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine. 

Olga Nagaeva
Olivia Wesula Luande

My research focuses on the virus-mosquito and mosquito-host interactions. Now, I have my own research group and I am passionate about research, teaching and mentorship.

Pravin Kumar
Preeti Moar
Remigius Gröning
Roine El-Habta
Sanduni Jayakodi
Sarita Nordström
Sebastian Kalucza
Sofie Degerman

Associate Professor in Biomedical Laboratory Science.

Stefanie Willekens
Urban Hellman

My research interest is the metabolism of hyaluronan in inflammation and tissue growth.

Victoria Heldestad

PhD in Clinical Neurophysiology

Associate professor in Biomedical Laboratory Science

Assistant Head of Department

Vignesh Ramnath

PhD student in Laura Carroll lab. My research focuses on genomic pathogen surveillance, risk assessment and bioprospecting of bacterial species.

Viktoria Åkerlund
Vincent Rusanganwa

Vincent Rusanganwa is postdoctoral researcher in Magnus Evander’ Group. His research interest is the combination of health systems and infectious diseases’ epidemiology.

Vishnu Raghuram

I am a postdoc in Laura Carroll's group. My research focuses on between-host transmission of Non-typhoidal Salmonella species and the mobility of their associated antibiotic resistance genes.

Ylva Hedberg Fransson

Associated professor in Biomedical Laboratory Science

Recognised university teachar and licensed Biomedical Scientist

Åsa Gylfe

I am researching to find small molecules that can be developed into new drugs against infections. Specifically, I focus on molecules that have an effect on chlamydia bacteria.