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Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science


Agneta Hörnell

I'm a registered dietitian, have a licentiate and a doctorate in medicine. I became professor in Food and Nutrition in 2011.

Albina Granberg
Ana Karina Pastrana Polo

Registered dietitian and doctoral student in the InSyNC doctoral program. My research interest is the social and nutritional aspects of food insecurity among adolescents.

Anna Sjödin
Annica Långvall

I am a registered dietitian and doctoral student. My research concerns sustainable gastronomy, artisanal food production and gourmet restaurants. 

Professor of Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science. Holder of a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences. Expertise in Public Health Nutrition & Consumer Behaviour.

Björn Norén

University lecturer. Deputy director of studies
International contact person

Teaches cooking & cooking techniques

Cecilia Lindblom

I am a certified teacher of Home and Consumer Studies (HCS) and religion since 2003. At the department I teach mainly at the HCS- education. 

Cecilia Olsson

Senior Lecturer, Associate professor in Food and Nutrition.

Elisabeth Stoltz Sjöström

Docent in Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science and Registered Dietitian (RD) and the Director of Doctoral Studies at the Department.

Ethel Kautto

I am a registered dietitian and PhD.

Eva Palmquist
Hilde Weiser

In my PhD project, I am addressing the importance of sensory curiosity in the exploration of unfamiliar foods, to contribute to the urgent transition to a resilient food system in the Swedish Arctic.

Ida Davidsson
Ingela Bohm

Ingela has a PhD in food and nutrition and studies the school subject Home economics. At the department, she teaches scientific methods and food sociology.

Joachim Sundqvist
Johanna Nilsson
Jonas Buren

My interest and research focus involves metabolic diseases, nutrition, and dietary interventions.

Julia Cristina Carrillo Ocampo

My research highlights culture’s role in the sustainability challenges and opportunities within the gastronomic sector, and how culture can contribute to a more sustainable restaurant industry.

Linda Berggren
Linda Nyström Hagfors

I'm a registered dietitian with a doctorate in Food and Nutrition. My teaching mainly involves research methodology, public health nutrition as well as supervising and examining thesis work.

Maria Waling

Senior lecturer and associate professor in Food and Nutrition.

ORCID ID:0000-0001-9743-8567

Maria Öström
Michal Salamonik
Patrik Wallström
Petra Ryden

I am a registered dietitian and works as a lecturer at the Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences. At the moment, I'm ass. Head of Department as well as Director of Studies

Robin Hintze

Educating within the subjects of beverage at the Gastronomy Programme and freestanding courses

Saja Al-Adeli
Sandra Einarsson

My research focuses on clinical nutrition, specifically disease-related malnutrition. I mainly teach on the Dietetics program in dietetics and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Sarah Persson

Doctoral candidate and Registered dietitian.

Simon Gustafsson

Educating within the subjects of beverage and service at the Gastronomy Programme and freestanding courses

Sofia Rapo

Teaching mainly undergrads of the Food and Nutrition program, and a PhD student since fall 2017.

Sophie Cairns
Susanna Sandberg

Registered dietitian and a doctoral student. My research project focuses on the school lunch with a focus on accessibility, inclusion and students with diagnosed ADHD or autism spectrum disorders.

Ulrica Söderlind

The focus of Ulricas interdisiplinary research are gastronomy and hospitality from different timeperiods and geografical areas, the sources are historical, archaeological and religious.


Zahra Jebale