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Ajlin Jonassen, university lecturer
Aleksei Semenenko, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Associate professor in Russian Literature; PhD in Russian Literature from Stockholm University (2007).

Anders Steinvall, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Andreas Nuottaniemi, postgraduate student

I am a doctoral student in applied linguistics with an emphasis on teaching and learning Swedish as a second language. I also teach courses in Swedish as a second language for undergraduate students.

Anna Burman Nyberg, university lecturer, adjunct
Anna-Lill Drugge, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Annika Norlund Shaswar, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am a senior lecturer in Language didactics, teacher educator and research leader of Litum. My research centers on second language development, multilingualism and literacy.

Baran Johansson, postgraduate student
Berit Aronsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Berit Åström, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am an Associate Professor of English Literature. My research is in the fields of gender studies and cultural studies. In recent years I have mainly worked with motherhood studies, investigating the representation of mothers in, for example, animated film, television melodrama, crime fiction, science fiction and early modern advice books. My next project is a study of contemporary, American advice books aimed at single mothers raising boys.

Bettina Jobin, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Carina Hermansson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Christina Karlberg, coordinator, administrative
Daniel Andersson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Daniel Kjellander, postgraduate student

I am a PhD candidate in English Linguistics with a special interest in semantics and word formation. My area of research is cognitive mechanisms behind lexical blends (e.g. 'brunch' and 'brexit').

Elena Glotova, postgraduate student
Elena Lindholm, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Elena Lindholm is associate professor in Hispanic literature and holds a position as senior lecturer in Spanish at the Department of Language Studies, Umeå University.

Elin Jälmbrant, university lecturer
Elisabeth Nilsson, university lecturer (absent), postgraduate student
Emil Molander, university lecturer
Emma Strömqvist, administrator, study (absent), administrator, education
Erika Sturk, university lecturer (absent), postgraduate student
Eva Harmatova, university lecturer
Eva Westergren, university lecturer
Florence Sisask, university lecturer

I teach French and Swedish as a second language. I'm also the department's international coordinator and study counselor. Furthermore I do research on 19th century French female writers.

Giovanni Fort, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Giuseppe Nencioni, senior lecturer, senior
Gun Lystedt, university lecturer
Görel Sandström, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Senior Lecturer in General Linguistics

Assistant Director of Studies, Linguistics and Language Teaching and Learning

Hampus Holm, postgraduate student
Hanna Outakoski, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Mun lean davvisámegiela oahpaheaddji ja máŋggagielatvuođa ja čállinoahpahusa dutki. I am senior lecturer of North Sámi. I do research on multilingualism and literacy instruction in a minority context.

Hanna Söderlund, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Researcher in applied lingustics interested in power relations in conversation, mainly in humour, sports and in relation to gender.

Harini Vembar, postgraduate student
Heidi Hansson, professor

I am Deputy Vice-Chancellor of education and have responsibility for equal opportunities. My role also includes third-stream activities and internationalisation of education.

Ingela Valfridsson, university lecturer

I teach German and Language didactics. I am also coordinator for teacher education and for minority languages as well as assistant director of studies for Finnish, Meänkieli, Sami, Spanish and German.

Ingmarie Mellenius, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Jenny Sperens, postgraduate student
Johan Nordlander, senior lecturer (associate professor)
John Vincent Baker, university lecturer
Jonas Carlquist, professor

Professor in Scandinavian languages

Jose Gamboa, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Josefin Devine, postgraduate student
Kaisa Huuva, postgraduate student
Karyn Sandström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Katarina Gregersdotter, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Krister Stoor, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Director of Vaartoe - Centre of Sámi Research and senior lecturer at the Department of Language Studies/Sámi dutkan. Intellectual Indigenous traditions is my research interests. 

Kristina Persson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Lacey Okonski, postdoctor

I am a Postdoc jointly funded by the Language Studies Department and Humlab, a technical environment specifically for digital humanities.

Leila Kantola, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Lena Granstedt, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Lenita Jensen, administrator, finance
Leonardo Nazar, postgraduate student
Linn Bonna, administrator, study
Magnus Nordström, system administrator, IT
Mai Trang Vu, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Current project: "Gender bias in English textbooks in Vietnam" (supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society).

Malin Isaksson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Senior Lecturer of French. My research interests span contemporary French literature, fan fiction, and reception studies.

Malin Öberg, university lecturer
Manar Halwani, postgraduate student
Mareike Jendis, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Maria Levlin, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Maria Lindgren Leavenworth, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am Associate Professor/Reader in English literature. From 2016 I am also Director of Studies at the PhD level.

Maria Rosenberg, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research areas cover morphology, lexical semantics, language acquisition, as well as contrastive and corpus linguistics, and have a particular focus on word-formation.

Maria Stridsman, postgraduate student

My research interests are second language learning and teaching, formulaic language and its impact on oral fluency and listening comprehension. The PhD project is scheduled for 2018-2022.

Maria Svensson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Marie Figaro, administrator, study
Marlene Johansson Falck, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am an Associate Professor/Reader in English Linguistics in the Department of Language Studies.

From fall 2017, I am also Deputy Head of Department. 

Merja Torvinen, university lecturer
Moa Sandström, postgraduate student
Nuno Marques, postgraduate student
Per Ambrosiani, professor

Professor of Russian

Per Boström, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Metaphor researcher. Love researcher. Lecturer. 

Peter Ström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Pär Sehlström, postgraduate student
Robert Eckeryd, senior research assistant
Ronia Anacoura, postgraduate student
Sejla Kilim, postgraduate student
Spoke Wintersparv, postgraduate student

Doctoral student in Pedagogical Work, currently residing at University of Oregon. In my PhD project I examine literary education in upper secondary schools.

Susanne Haugen, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Suvi Karjalainen, university lecturer (absent)
Tuija Määttä, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Ulrika Ivarsson, university lecturer, adjunct
Van Leavenworth, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am Assistant Professor in English literature at the Department of Language Studies. I teach courses in literature, cultural studies, academic writing and language proficiency at all levels.

Vanessa Hidalgo, postgraduate student
Vera Holmberg, administrator, study
Vesna Busic, university lecturer
Virginia Langum, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Yvonne Knospe, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am a senior lecturer in language, reading and writing development with a focus on special needs teachers’ profession.