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Department of Language Studies


Aleksei Semenenko, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Associate professor in Russian Literature; PhD in Russian Literature from Stockholm University (2007).

Berit Åström, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am an Associate Professor of English Literature. My research is in the fields of gender studies and cultural studies. In recent years I have mainly worked with motherhood studies, investigating the representation of mothers in, for example, animated film, television melodrama, crime fiction, science fiction and early modern advice books. My next project is a study of contemporary, American advice books aimed at single mothers raising boys.

Daniel Kjellander, postgraduate student

I am a postgraduate student of English Linguistics with a specialization in Semantics and Word formation. I also teach Language history and Sociolinguistics on undergraduate level.

Elena Lindholm, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Elena Lindholm is associate professor in Hispanic literature and holds a position as senior lecturer in Spanish at the Department of Language Studies, Umeå University.

Hanna Söderlund, senior lecturer (associate professor), researcher

Researcher in applied lingustics interested in power relations in conversation, mainly in humour, sports and in relation to gender.

Mai Trang Vu, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Current project: "Gender bias in English textbooks in Vietnam" (supported by a grant from the National Geographic Society).

Maria Lindgren Leavenworth, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am Associate Professor/Reader in English literature at the Department of Language Studies. From 2016 I am also Director of Studies at the PhD level.

Maria Rosenberg, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My research areas cover morphology, lexical semantics, language acquisition, as well as contrastive and corpus linguistics, and have a particular focus on word-formation.

Marlene Johansson Falck, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am an Associate Professor/Reader in English Linguistics in the Department of Language Studies.

From fall 2017, I am also Deputy Head of Department. 

Per Ambrosiani, professor

I am professor of Russian at Umeå University since 2007.

Per Boström, postgraduate student

Doctoral candidate exploring how ROMANTIC LOVE is metaphorized in spoken Swedish.

Van Leavenworth, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am Assistant Professor in English literature at the Department of Language Studies. I teach courses in literature, cultural studies, academic writing and language proficiency at all levels.

Yvonne Knospe, postdoctor

Yvonne Knospe has a PhD in language teaching and learning. Currently she is a Post-Doc in special education. Her research focuses on learning and teaching writing.